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RE: Sneak Peek at our newest release [Tartarus]! 7 days! Get ready for BIG updates!

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That is a great question, it is not about time so much as behavior. The basics are:

  1. make good posts
  2. allow shadowbot to up vote more often than you manually up vote. Those over 95% VP consistently will see their ranks increase as they are contributing more to the pool than those at say 50% VP average
  3. Always make your posts 100% power up for rewards. This is a criteria we take into account as well as purchasing steem power (powering up). Those who continually increase their Steem Power will see their ranks increase higher than those powering down or staying flat

Hope that helps a little, we are going to release an entire guidelines and overview with the new release next week that should help everyone understand everything much better!


wow great information. this comment is also helpful for me. thanks @shadowbot