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RE: The Left/Right Skew of Facebook could make the platform even worse in the future

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Beep! Beep! @shadow3scalpel at your service. I am here to assist all military members on Steemit. This HumVee will be scouting posts from a list of Veterans that is maintained by @chairborne. If you are a Veteran and new to Steemit, and you have questions or want to join the Veterans community, reply to this comment. We got your six, unless you are in the rear with the gear. Ooh-Rah!
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Excellent idea. Have you been following "the adventures of Adam Kokesh" yet? Former Marine... running for President in 2020; seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. Check this out:

Give it at least until the 8:05 mark to decide whether it's not worth a poop, or good enough to finish the presentation. Let us know what you think. Just "followed" you.

Oh... And I KNOW you will love what he intends to do about the VA problem!!!!

Yes Adam Kokesh is on our list.

hmmm. Why isn't he more active pursuing y'all's support? He could use your "army" to help put his solution to the communist VA system to rest. No? You could really benefit from using his mobility and ability. What a win-win situation! The GOP and Dems are just going to continue piling porkyPoop on the Vets. Even Trump, who campaigned on fixing the VA and Vet homeless problem is FAILING. Do you realize how easy it would be to "build that wall" in the form of apartments where retired homeless vets could be put to good use for the cost of 200 sq. feet and 3 squares delivered by some cute babes? Boom. Border guarded. (at least in the new nations which want this mass invasion of "illegals" halted!)