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RE: Stop Frustrating Your Followers, Stop Resteeming, BUT Keep Helping Your Friends while Creating STEEM.

in #steemit4 years ago

I have no problem with resteeming in general. I do have a problem with people who resteem EVERYTHING lol


Right! Exactly! If we're all posting +/- 3x a day plus Resteeming 3 or 4, which is conservative, that is roughly 600 to 700 posts per 100 follows per day! Who can afford to not mute anyone who is excessive?

Oh the invite is ..... I've invited my followers to come and post a link in the comments of this post (below). I would like for it to be a post that you are very pleased you wrote and is still eligible for upvoting.

Follower Appreciation Week: My Followers are a MYSTERY to ME. Let's fix that!

Technically, you don't follow me :-) but we chat so often! I can make one exception.

I follow you now :)

Sometimes I interact with a user so often, I forget that I'm not already following them...

LOL which is exactly what I'm expecting to find out at some point in this exercise! ! I lost track of checking profiles. Plus they're starting to come in so fast, I don't have a lot of hope for repeating this exercise this way again. Ever.

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