STEEMIT REPORT: STEEMIT HUB officially opened in UYO community! what the government couldnt do @ejemai has done it for uyo community! 24 hours free WiFi and eletricity

in steemit •  10 months ago

Firstly i want to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank @ejemai for hes contributions and efforts towards STEEMIT development in NIGERIA and AKWA IBOM STATE to be more precisely UYO community...................Without getting it twisted @ejemai is just a blessing to UYO community cos he has taken it upon hes self to make sure both young and elderly people in nigeria/uyo get to know and also feel the impact of STEEMIT. Thank you for a job well-done

Today in Akwa Ibom, history has made it self, What the government of akwa ibom state couldnt do for the citizens, a well and good meaning individual @ejemai has done it for so astonished, fascinated, captivated and mesmerized by the history @ejemai has created in akwa ibom state today.

Today @ejemai has officially opened the long awaiting STEEMIT HUB in the city of uyo , Before i proceed...let me ask this question:
Where in nigeria would you walk in to with you laptop or phone to use a free WiFi and a free electricity without paying a kobo or cent for?..........................if you are a nigerian and currently in nigeria you will gree with me that the answer to the above question is none none and none.
But in cease you dont know, thats actually what @ejemai has done for us in UYO community... oga boss i throw away salute for ya.

As you can see from the pictures below, a large number of steemians in UYO community came out emass to witness the opening of thenew HUZ today

I will not complete this article if i fail to mention many but few of steemians that came far and wide to witness the opening of the new HUB: @nairadaddy @destinysaid @gbenga @susan @ewuoso @air-clinic @d-light

Initially when i heard of @ejemai plans to open a STEEMIT HUB in UYO community with a free WiFi and electricity, i was like.....................hhmmmmm, BUT today i brought to you the official opening of STEEMIT HUB in UYO COMMUNITY through pictures taken while in the HUZ


To all newbies dont complain of no data and no NEPA light again, just fine your way to the HUB, everything is made free.

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What a miss


what where ya doin? that u didnt some

Lol.. @ejemai is really contributing to making people engage in this community, we have one of such centres too in portHarcourt here too.. It's a place where you go, relax and blog without stress or fear of data because he provides super Wi-Fi for browsing.
Thumbs up to @ejemai.
I hope to come down to uyo and see for myself


Dont come to uyo.oooooooooooooooo
cos you guys are lucky to have someone like @ejemai in PH, so no need of coming to uyo, i should be the one to come to PH n flex the super WiFi as you said

Am really glad for such a decicive actions thanks @ejemai


I tag him the boss

Am jealous of you guys ooo. Hope this will come to my own place too


which community are you?

Wow....... Applaudise!
This is really great