Steem $4.50 Undervalued @senseicat

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Regardless of fluctuating price, I believe that steem is an excellent buy due to the following factors:

First, the number of new users have been growing steadily, since mid December, and previous to that benchmark, it had been relatively flat.

Second, Dtube is now the Steemit version of Youtube.

Third, Zapple is now the Steemit version of Twitter.

The most important aspect is that Ned and Dan invented Steemit and I view it as the new improved income generating version of social media.

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Social media and related platforms will be enormously successful. The value of social media and online entertainment is huge, I recognized this back when I was in college and wanted to invent YouTube before YouTube was invented. I had the exact same concept for YouTube, but I was told that it was the dumbest idea ever. I never pursued that venture and regret it all the time. In the past, I didn't have money to invest in Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and Google. Now, I'm not letting that chance slip through my fingers. Steemit will soar to the top fast. The beauty is that people can be creative and earn Steem Power / SBD instead of finding money to invest. The early adopters will be very successful.


That is really interesting to me because I had a similar experience. Soon after Google went public, I planned to invest a bulk of my savings and I was vetoed by my significant other and it was my single biggest financial regret. Thank goodness for Steemit because it truly gives everyone an opportunity from the ground up.


The number daily unique visitors is growing and hasn't stopped since mid December. Also Steemit is climbing in total traffic ranking since mid December. If that pace continues, the real value of Steem should be around $8 very soon. The market pressure is holding Steem down artificially. If the market starts moving up again at a regular pace, we may a sling shot effect in the price of Steem. That sling shot effect could, in turn, keep the Steemit growth moving and prevent growth from flattening out.


steemit seemed to divert the media world. currently in indonesia very much enthusiasts steemit and their average is other media users in general. after they know steemit can give them coffee through their rollover crypto move to this platform.
I firmly believe that this steemit will leave its opponents alike.


When the price shoots up, then coffee for everyone.

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But if Zapple is now a steemit version of twitter
Does it means that steemit will not develop to have a message button too? Cause a lot of people really want that.
Steemit is almost like twitter except for messages and other few. But the Idea of Zapple could discourage the development of steemit to it's apogee


Steemit is innovative and my guess is that many more improvements will be added and integrated into the platform.

Awesome post thanks a lot for sharing lovely post dear @senseicat


Many thanks.

Yea we're definitely undervalued over here. On top of the points you mentioned, SteemIt has everything you should look for in an altcoin

  • team
  • community
  • coin scarcity
  • use case, innovation
    etc., etc.

I appreciate your comments.

Thanks for sharing your great post..i support you sir!!

I think nothing like steemit


It is unique in the space of social media.

Social media and related platforms will be very successful. Social media prices and online entertainment are huge. The days are going to improve the era. Similarly, the social values ​​are being developed.


Excellent points.

Only problem is a quantity of films and music on DTube, you can't find your favorite bands and movies... It's why, people will use YouTube :(


It will take some time since it is at the beginning stages.

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Thank you.

Steemit and DTube are excellent projects. Upvote ve resteem


Yes and many more likely in development.

this is very good, people do not feel "loss" in playing the media. because today the media dare to give more to its users.



thanks for info.