So I surpassed the 'INFAMOUS' number 666!

in steemit •  last year


It has been a great time here on Steemit! It has been a short time but it has been good.

So yess! I have managed to surpass that INFAMOUS number, you guessed it. 666! It seems like I breezed past it.

I have managed to receive a big following which I did not expect. To put that into perspective it averages about 10 followers a day. If I can do it so can you.

This is to motivate the minnows on here to keep on striving every single day if they would like to succeed in the future. It will not happen overnight and they need to keep that in mind.

A little motivation from myself;
'keep steeming, keep succeeding'

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Your getting up there, But I just passed your blog and....
Must have lost some folks LOL
This too shall pass :-)


Hahaha yes I unfortunately it was put in reverse and dropped to that number. Maybe some are playing jokes on me?

Congratulations man! Keep on steemin!