My Top 20 WORLD Travel List!!!

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I want to travel the world like many people. I am planning to make it a reality.

Traveling is not easy. Unfortunately not everyone likes this. Some do not like the hassle of traveling. It is stressful & comes with tiredness. Not everyone can handle certain situations, for example; delayed flights, room not booked.

This is all part of traveling and it is an experience. You learn a lot of things. It makes you a better traveler & prepares you for many other situations in the travel world and in your daily life.

Many travelers like meeting new people, learning different languages & cultures. They like to immerse themselves in other cultures to understand their lifestyle which is different to their own.

I am interested in seeing many places of the world. I would like to have fun & enjoy my time in these places. There is some sort of buzz feeling when traveling. The adrenaline rush, the feeling of being in a new place, the feeling of capturing the moment forever in your memory. The different weathers & the history of these places.

My top 20 destinations that I would like to see in my lifetime. In no particular order;

London, UK.

Santorini, Greece.

Cancun, Mexico.

Tokyo, Japan.

Madrid, Spain.

Berlin, Germany.

Venice, Italy.

Antalya, Istanbul; Turkey.

Casablanca, Marrakesh; Morocco.

Sydney, Australia.

Bogota, Cartagena; Colombia.

Baku, Azerbaijan.

Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo; Brazil.

Doha, Qatar.


Puerto Rico.

San Blas Islands, Panama.

The Bahamas.



I cannot wait for me to get started on my journey to these places. I will make it happen.

Steemit will get a part of it.

What are your top destinations?

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I hope you make it to all of those places! I think I have less of a hankering for cities, but right now my top places are the Asturias region in Spain (going in October) and Sri Lanka.

Nice, they are some really nice places in both Countries. Some people may not know that until they actually research it.

Oh I love this!!! Great great too 20 list! You must add a Safari in South Africa!!!! I hope you see them all and do it sooner than later!!!!!

Thank you. It will definitely be in my top 50 list.

I want to travel along the slave trade route and back home. So for me, I will start in Madagascar, Mississippi then back to California. I have to do further research to be able to list smaller cities and town but that not as important.

I want to travel to Madagascar too. It is slightly further down the list. I didn't add the States in there, but I'd travel to most States of USA.