An Oppurtinity For Steem Authors With A Toolkit To Become A Succesfull Writer!

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Ola senor and senoritas! It's about a year ago that Steem skyrocketed to the moon and people got more involved with the unique social media platform Steemit. People have started blogging about a variety of different subjects and there has also been an increased amount of curators who help grow the blockchain. At some point however it has come to my sense that we have a lot more curators than we have authors and felt like sharing some tips in why you should start writing yourself.

  • Difference Curator and Author
  • Why being an author now is an opportunity
  • What you need to become a good author

So now we have covered up everything it's about time we jump right into what you came for!  

The difference between a curator and an author is that a curator shares, likes and comments on content and an author brings out content. Either way, they both get paid for what they do. 

On one of my favorite Steem statistics blogging page from @arcange  you can see that in the last months the amount of curators has decreased slowly while the authors have dropped dramatically. If we think logically it isn't that much of a surprise that authors have quitted writing because it requires a lot of creativity, dedication, and passion in order to be writing quality content every single day. 

Even though it's difficult this simply means that the demand for authors has increased and the chances of ending up being noticed have grown. This is why I would like to name this an opportunity since it simply requires you to be writing about things that matter to other people. Now as I say it, it sounds easy but in reality, we have to follow some rules in order to actually become a good writer on Steem. So let's read the next tips below here together!

  1. Find out what you're passionate about first. You can't write about anything if you are not attracted to the subject yourself. It's like working at a job you hate but convincing yourself it's good. Eventually, you will break and do something else.
  2. Write 5 times average a week. I know this sounds difficult and honestly, it is, but if you really want to take advantage of this opportunity it's important that you stand above all the others. Because when your focus is low, somebody else's focus is laser sharp. 
  3. Find out what other people's problems are and write about a solution. This is probably the key factor of becoming a good author. People mainly search over the web to find a solution for their problems. Where better than in a video or blog can a solution for a problem be explained. 
  4. Make your images appealing. It's important that people get attracted to the article by creating a beautiful and outstanding image. I never really like saying it, but it somehow is a bit about clickbait like youtube. The one with the best thumbnails wins. Just don't be misleading. 
  5. Make sure you grammar check your article. When you buy something online and get it delivered home you want the product to be a 100% as expected without any edges. The same goes for reading an article. People care about well-written blogs and get quickly annoyed when it's not comfortable to read. 

Now that I have mentioned 5 tips I want to add one more tip that might boost you as an author and get noticed a little quicker. I do this by using Steembottracker and allows me to invest small amounts of Steem or SBD to get my posts to get noticed quicker. It's not a must, but in times like these when the demand is high, it's not a bad idea to give yourself a headstart over the others. And in the end, if you're really believing in Steem, the SBD you have invested in your post will eventually end up as steem again on your account. This way you can dollar cost average your invested Steem or SBD into Steempower. This is good for you and for the blockchain!

Next to that make sure you like and comment on other peoples content as well. You can't get in direct contact with trendy Steemians so it's a smart idea to build up a relation with similar minions like you.

My name is Sem Kemperman and I wish you all the best profits! If you liked this article please follow me here on Steemit
and if you want to see more of me you can check my instagram.  


Indeed my friend ! Making connections is also key to moving up the ladder 😉

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