Stop Negative Thinking And Follow These Tips To Become Happier In Your Life!

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Good day fellow readers and writers, today is a new day to be writing a nice article about the art of being happy and feeling well being. The reason I find such a subject so important to talk about is because the majority of the people in this world tend to act on their subconsciousness and live by bad habits and patterns all their life. They follow their negative misleading thoughts which are the main reason people stay in their comfort zone and don't feel happy. Getting out of your comfort zone will change your love in a major positive way.

 I am going to cover the following topics: 

  • What is the difference between joy and well being?
  • The comfort zone
  • Tips to live a more happy and prosperous life

The main difference between joy and well being is that joy is a feeling you can have at a particular moment. Whereas well-being describes you are mental, physically and socially healthy. Admitting to yourself that you are well being is very important. Showing gratitude for the things you already have and being able to love yourself for your qualities and bad flaws allows you to see the world much brighter.

How many times do people reject a compliment while they know it's true when somebody says he or she looks pretty. It's so important to be able to call yourself pretty and smart. Talking to yourself with positive affirmations will create a well-being state for yourself. And who doesn't want to feel positive every day?

If I would ask you "do you want 5 or 10 dollars. What would you pick?" If I would ask you "do you want to think positive or negative in your life" what would you pick? You have a choice, you almost always have. Sadly people always take the road of the least resistance and aren't open-minded to even choose. They automatically choose for the 5 dollars.

The funny thing about all of this talking above here all comes to the comfort zone eventually. Your mind is constantly trying to protect you in every way to prevent you from being harmed not only physically, but also mentally. But in reality, your mind is the only one who is able to harm you really. It blocks you from reaching your dreams, it blocks you from loving your self, it blocks you from thinking positive about yourself, it blocks so many beautiful things that shouldn't be blocked.

Let's make it a little easier to understand for you why it is that your brain does this. Imagine a movie with a spy who is not allowed to have any relationship with anyone. The reason that the spy can not fall in love with a person is because when the bad guy catches the beloved the spy becomes an easy target. This is the same with the brain and is constantly trying to avoid things that might harm you. The only shitty part about this is that it doesn't only keep the bad things out, but also the good things.

Now that we have talked about well being and the comfort zone I think it's time for you to know what you can do yourself to create a more happy life for yourself!

  1. Get Outside More. It's proven that walking outside can act as mindfulness. Just feeling the nature and getting comfortable by listening to the wind and birds can make an enormous difference in your day.
  2. Help Others. We all hold the door for somebody or grab that 1 little thing they need, but have you tried to really do something for someone even though the task itself may take some time? Do this and it will reward you with a great feeling. You haven't then only made yourself happy, but also the other person.
  3. Smile more often. It might feel like your lying to yourself when you start smiling in the mirror because you have to, but once you do this enough you will realize that it actually works. The problem with this is that most of the time people aren't consistent enough to keep smiling during the day and get that automatic face and forget about this simple habit.
  4. Plan something. People tend to see Monday till Friday as workdays and the weekend as "free". This often leads to a depressing feeling during the week where you live towards the weekend. The thing is though that the things you do at the weekend can also be done on a Wednesday or Thursday. This way your week doesn't feel as long as when you work 5 days straightand can you enjoy the normal weekdays!
  5. Meditate. I can't say this enough, but taking that time where you don't listen to that voice in your head can really calm you down to a point where you just start of with a clean slate. This allows you to not judge everything negatively because something happened before and makes you able you to look at life again with a new and positive perspective. It's like setting a savepoint in a game. It's very frustrating when you have played for several hours without saving and all of sudden the battery dies.
  6. Practice Gratitude/law of attraction.  The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. When you walk around negative and grumpy at work, you obviously increase the likelihood that your surroundings will also be negative and depressing. In this way, you influence your surroundings and the environment radiates back to you. If you walk around smiling all day, you increase the likelihood that coworkers will have fun with you and that you experience your day as amazing!

These seem like simple solutions, but that's because they are. The difficult part is that you have to do them and get out of your comfort zone. Doing them and stepping out of your comfort zone will lead to a euphoric feeling afterwards that's not just my promise, but that's a fact.

I hope you liked this article and see you next time!

My name is Sem Kemperman and I wish you all the best! If you liked this article please follow me here on  @semtroneums page!

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"It's like setting a savepoint in a game" - I like this way to show how valuable meditation is. Really great way to explain it. Nice post, thanks!

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Thankyou! Great to get comments like this from people that have the same perspective :)!

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Awesome!!! I love the way you distinguished between joy and wellbeing. The biggest mistake we make in the pursuit of happiness is that we think happiness is an absolute state of being when in reality it’s something that comes and goes. In fact, I discussed this topic in my most recent post YESTERDAY and that’s why I became kind of excited while reading your post 😅

You can read my post too at ... if you want to see how our thoughts have coherence. CHEERS TO YOUR THOUGHTS MATE 💯

Hello @semtroneum, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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