Increasing Amount Of Burnouts Among Young People. Do We Expect Too Much From Them Or Is This The RealDeal?

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Good day all! My name is Sem Kemperman and today I have a new interesting topic that many readers can relate to! Today I am going to talk about the increasing amount of burnouts among young people and what the cause is of this problem. For this article, I use numbers from the CBS from The Netherlands so I can sketch an image of how serious this!

  • What is burnout?
  • The cause of a burnout!
  • What can we do about it?

So now we have covered up everything it's about time we jump right into what you came for!   

Here in the Netherlands, we can say that most people have a prosperous and wealthy life. We can go to school, have space for friends, can practice hobbies go for a drink etc. However, according to our CBS (central office statistics), it shows that  100,000 young people under the age of 35 suffer from symptoms related to a burnout. So it is the harsh reality, but how is this possible? Over 72,000 young people under the age of 25 are at home because of incapacity for work. And 85 percent of them suffer from stress, depression or a developmental disorder (CBS, 2015). How is that possible? you might wonder and especially with all those young fresh teenagers?

Performance is a very important cause. Just like adults, or perhaps even more, the children want to excel in everything they do and belong to the top 10. Naturally, that is greatly fueled by the environment. Just look at the attention that Youtubers get or all those other people on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. It seems like everyone can become famous - so why not?

Perfectionism is part of that. If you want to be famous then you have to do everything perfectly, and when that does not work you become demotivated and will harm your self-image.

Feeling a greater sense of responsibility leads to a greater risk of getting a burnout at teens, adolescents, and children. We take everything to show what we are worth. And afterward, if something turns out to be wrong after you have split yourself into 100 tasks, you will also be absolutely disappointed that you have not done it flawlessly. This too greatly damages your self-image.

Fomo. Teenagers do not want to miss anything. Imagine that they do not know a nice movie or do not have a gadget as one of the first. Then they do not belong there and hoopla! the stress is already present.

obviously, there are many more reasons a person could get a burnout and so I have a short list of all things that construct a burnout all together:

  • High bar of young people
  • Time
  • A negative self-image
  • No succes after graduating school
  • Not be recognized
  • To many choices
  • Lofty expectations
  • Insufficient recovery
  • Stress to be happy
  • Must succeed in life

All these factors play an enormous role in building up a burnout. Now to prevent me from writing for an enormous article about the solutions I will write a  simplified part about that below here.

Firstly, it is important that the causes of a burnout mentioned above are clear. After all, I will tell you all of these points about how you can prevent yourself from working further into burnout and taking a step back to the point of your life where you are now.

Yet you have to keep in mind that some things are hereditary, such as perfectionism and the urge to work because of discipline that you inherited from childhood.

I'm really talking about the things you can do something about and being aware of the things that you can not do anything about. To always worry about time does not make sense, because time runs on. However, going to bed on time is something that you have an influence on. The feeling that you are not recognized you can not do anything about it, because you can not think what others think about you. The feeling that you have to make a lot of choices can also be solved. You can eliminate many things in your day, which means you have to make fewer choices. Like having less clothes to prevent spending hours and hours time on deciding what to wear for today.

One of the more difficult things that I agree with myself as I have suffered from it and still suffer from it. Is the pursuit of being happy despite the fact that I have everything I should be happy with. The only solution for this is that you have to realize that you have to accept some things in your life they way they are. And it is not bad at all that you are progressing towards a lively and beautiful future, but that you should not forget that the present is also very beautiful without having what you would like to have, because secretly you are actually very happy.

And in some way to put all this in a positive perspective, I am happy I am experiencing this now. I know in a matter of fact people that struggle with this at an age of 30 or 40. I rather deal with this now then when I am 30 or 40. Because when I can conquer this battle with myself on this age I believe my future will be very bright. It's always the way you think about it yourself and to be conscious that your mind can also drag you further into a burnout buy keeping you in that negative thinking cycle. Mastering your mind at a young age will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Take a step back when it's too much and don't worry about tomorrow. I was close to having a burnout when I was busy with trading, programming, blogging, friendships, relationships and have recently decided to just keep it with blogging and trading for now and leave programming for when I feel like it. Using your discipline to not do everything is also a great way to use that skill. You don't have to feel guilty when you do not work on your future every minute of your day. Be kind to yourself and also allow yourself the pleasure. Everyone in your area will grant you a beautiful life. Give yourself this too.

I hope this article was helpful and looking forward to any kind of reply!

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