10 tips to be more succesfull!

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1. Don't live a limited life
There is not a single individual in this wold that doesn't have a dream or isn't hungry for more. We people are programmed to live an ordinary life based on how our environment is created where we go to school, get a job, have little spare time and die with regret. However we people are capeable of much more than we think. There are tons of people in this world that have proved reaching your dreams is more than possible. It sure does require a strong mindset and a compelling vision to get where you want to be, but you have to work till your 65. Get that in your head. It's either settling for mediocracy or fighting for freedom.

2. Get obsessed with your passion
In life there are two ways to motivate yourself. We have willpower and a compelling vision. The difference is that willpower won't last since it requires constant energy to push yourself forward. A compelling vision however is like a magnet. It drags you to the point you want to be. If you have passion for something it's much easier to get dragged to that goal rather than yelling to yourself all the time to go do something :). If you get obsessed with your passion great things will happen.

3. Don't do it for the money
Obviously we all do it for the money since it make us believe that having alot of money gives us back our freedom. What we sometimes forget however is that a get rich quick thing never works. Becoming rich in a financial matter requires alot of patience, discipline, experience, consistency, knowledge and a strong mindset. This can only be created overtime. If you love what you do money will be a byproduct, the growth you make and the personal development itself will bring you to where you want to be! So focus on that and you will be fine!

4. Be proud of your progress
Celebrate your victories and losses! in the formula of success, failure is included. It's literally impossible to reach your goal/target without having losses along the way. You either decide to quit after one setback or you get back up and fight for your dream! It's you and only you who is able to acknowledge your own progress, nobody else is going to do that for you!

5. create discipline

  • Wake up without snoozing
  • fold up your clothes before you go to sleep with all your stuff that you need for the day after
  • Focus on your work rather than getting distracted by your phone or colleagues
  • Don't chill when you have things to do
  • Create a planning and stick to it

Do the things your mind tells you not to. When your mind says "nah" you say "yes".

6. Be consistent
The biggest example i can name here is a youtuber. We are all so jealous at people who made it in youtube that we forget how those people even got to that point! Most of those people were able to upload 3 to 5 times a week which is a whole lot more than the majority on this planet. They were consistent in uploading their content and created their own passive income. If you care about becoming famous on social media, you better be ready to upload more often than your competitors and do it for a few years straight.

7. Read books or watch youtube
Can't say this enough. If you work 8 to 9 hours a day i am sure you have 5 to 6 hours left to educate yourself on whatever subject you want to learn about. Now i don't say you have to work an extra 5 to 6 hours on your future, however spending 1 to 2 hours on growing yourself as a person is a must to become succesfull. If 75% of your youtube history is entertainment, your doing something wrong...

8. Start to be responsible for your own deeds
You have to make sure your conscious of your own life and that every decision you make is your own responsibility. Allow yourself to focus on your breathing when someting goes against you to prevent blaming someone else for your deeds. It's a habit that we point our finger to someone else when we ourself do something wrong. 

9. Get yourself around people with the same mindset
Let's imagine you love to cook. Your friend hates cooking and always has a pick on you for having such a shitty hobby. I assume you get annoyed by such a person and would send him away. This however may influence you and result in low self-esteem because you may doubt about yourself why you are that person with a weird hobby. 

Now let's put it in a different perspective. You again love cooking and the girl next door that's your age suddenly finds out you have cooking as a hobby. You show her some pictures of what you have cooked in the past and she is flabbergasted of what you have made. She compliments you and asks you if you want to cook with her. How would you feel now?

10. Don't give up
Giving up is easy, fighting is only for the 1%

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