Spending 20 STEEM on bid-bots. Will it be profitable? Let's see.

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Money often costs too much.
-"Ralph Waldo Emerson".

What's up guys!. I have been away for some days. I was quite busy with some projects that hope sooner or later will see the light.

Today, I am gonna try something. I want to test if it is profitable to use bid-bots. The main investment will be 20 STEEM.

After 7 days I will take a look, and share with you all the results of the test.

The bots that I will use will be @booster @appreciator and @upme.

I know that this post does not have much quality or a really great content, but it is basically an experiment, which I want to carry out.

So yeah guys, hope you all have a great week. See you all in this next 7 days!.

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sir @selected, I wish your good luck sir. I think these bots works sir. I wish you may get much profit dear. Please share the review sir. I'll be waiting for the result. Have a good day sir. May fate favour you much sir.

Thanks you, have a good day!

welcome sir.

Will be interesting to see the results!

I feel like although bots are probably not profitable in their upvote they offer they will lead to more visibility and possibly more upvotes from people who wouldnt have otherwise seen your post.

Yeah.. i remember time ago using bots, making some profits. But yeah nowadays idk if is worth at all.

But as you sayd, to get some visibility can be worth ( if ofc, ur content are worth too )

Thanks for the comment mate, right now my SP sucks, so i cant vote u much more..
Have a good day!

Yeah they can be profitable but its very hit and miss. You would think with the layout and details of steembottracker that it would be easy to keep them profitable - but people still dont understand and send to high a bids or ote right at the end of the bid period.

Yeah thats what I use the bots for and it seems to have been helpful. But unfortunalty for every person that uses the bots with good content there are probably 5 that are not using them properly.


Totally true mate, thanks for ur good reply.

Have a good day! :)

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Thanks buddy!

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