New Chrome Extension for SteemIt! Clean up those views and hide all of the ReSteems!

in steemit •  10 months ago


Tired of seeing wave after wave of resteems in your feed as you peruse it? I was... so I built this hand-dandy chrome button to scrub them out. It's VERY basic, only removes those from the list that have been loaded already (scroll down and more appear, click it again and those will be scrubbed as well), but it gets the job done and was a nice proof of concept.

There will be more features added as I go... depending on how much time I can convince my girlfriend I should spend locked up in the bedroom cranking out free code in my off time. Your upvotes and tips help convince her... ;-)

Meanwhile, enjoy... and I'll get to adding features as I can.

Current feature ideas:

  • "Sort feed by age"
  • "Sort feed by reputation"
  • "Filter posts under __ reputation"
  • "Filter posts older than ___"
  • "Filter posts newer than ___"
  • "Hide all posts with _______ tag"
  • "Hide all posts containing words in ______ list." (With a way to configure lists to add/remove words.)

Get it here:

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atta boy! nice work! i'm sure the lady will appreciate the work later on down the line.

Edited to include a link to the thing... because I'm dumb...