Delegation removed?

in steemit •  last month

Was just in my wallet and noticed my default delegation from steemit was gone. New move by them or did I cross some sort of threshold?

Or just witness revenge for me questioning their flag war?

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happened to me earlier in the week. looking at other comments in this post, it seems we're all around a similar reputation level so it might be based off that.

the thinking is probably that if you've earnt a level of reputation, you've earnt enough STEEM/SBD to have been able to give yourself enough SP to support yourself. if you chose to cash any of that out then that's a different story.

It's automated. When your account has enough to support itself the delegation is removed.


is there a way to explain this delegation bit for noobs like me? ;p


Thanks, sort of what I thought.

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

Just happened to me too. U must have round ~100 SP.