Steemigram update : improved security and curation trail

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Hi there,

The last hours were quite hard and didn't help you try the Steemigram service. But I promise, it works like a charm !
But I have some news to give. As the project is very young, it receives a lot of improvements, thanks to users feedback.


Connection and improved security

The first problem was related to Steemconnect, as the token originally has a 7 days lifetime. Then the user must login again to be able to post from Instagram to Steemit for 7 days, then re-login, and so on... We changed this so now the token lifetime is infinite. All active users at this time must login to get an infinite token, else they will be disconnected from the service 7 days after their registration, apologies for this. Just click on the "Login with another account" button, and choose your current account.
This problem enlightened some security issues that were fixed in the same time.

Curation trail

Steemigram now upvotes all posts made via the app automatically. Don't panic if you don't receive the upvote, Steemigram waits to have his 100% voting power back before casting his votes. All the pictures posted in this period will get the same vote value.
The curation trail is also up and running (if Steemauto is back on business, which was not the case this morning), and is available here :

Why a curation trail ?

Curation trail is a good way to create a voting circle and enforce the community strength. The more voters on the curation trail, the more important rewards you will get, so register to the curation trail ! We are currently working on integrating the curation trail on the steemigram website, so we won't depend on Steemauto anymore.

Finally, we are thinking about a referral program, so users will get an incentive for spreading the word about Steemigram, maybe you have some ideas about it ?

Don't forget to join us on Discord :

See you for a next update !

PS : I forgot something very important. We need help promoting this project, and we need help growing our SP. So if you find this project useful, please resteem !

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