Steemigram : automatically post from Instagram to Steemit !

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One billion

One billion active Instagram accounts as in June '18. This is just huge, and we'd love to see the Steemit community grow this way. But now just imagine Instagramers could cross-post their pictures on the Steem blockchain and make money with it. You read well : easily make money with their Instagram pictures.

From Instagram to Steemit

The main problem is the lack of sharing capabilities from one to another. Today, this problem is ancient history. With a simple Steemconnect login, for a better security, you will be able to automatically share your Instagram posts to Steemit. Here is Steemigram.

Meet Steemigram

We are pleased to introduce Steemigram, a new service that will allow you to automatically share your Instagram pictures to Steemit. This is a nice way for you to get rewards without having to post on many platforms. And it will be a nice way to get new users on the Steem blockchain. Who wouldn't love to make money with content they publish ?


How does it work ?

Without entering the details, the user just have to log in our service thanks to Steemconnect, indicate the Instagram username he wants to link, and define a title for his Instagram feed. Next, he will just have to use the #steemigram tag on his Instagram posts, and they will be cross-posted automatically on Steemit.

The Steemit post will have as title the name of the Instagram feed, and will display, in addition of the picture, the description and a link to his official Instagram feed. The 5 first tags on the Instagram post will be converted to Steemit tags (the following ones will be added to the description).

Note that the creators will take a 10% fee on the rewards. After all, any work deserves to be paid...

Why not use Steepshot ?

For sure, Steepshot is a great app, and I recommend it for someone who doesn't have an Instagram account yet. But there are millions of accounts with hundreds, thousands of followers. Would you give up such an account, and restart from zero, just to use a decentralized app ? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. That's why we created Steemigram : help people discover the power of the blockchain in an easy way.

You don't have a Steemit account yet ? Why register ?

The answer is quite simple, yet you have to know how Steemit works : as you post content, other users give you upvotes (as likes on Facebook or Instagram). The main difference with the usual social networks is that those upvotes are converted to STEEM, a cryptocurrency. You can save these rewards to get more influence, or convert them into FIAT currencies. But you have to know the more you save, the more you may earn. All you have to do is go social : upvote other people's posts, comment, and they will do the same for you, if they like your content !

With this service, you just continue to post on Instagram as you did before. But be aware that if you want people to upvote your pictures (and therefore give you money), you will have to interact with them. Then, you will understand the power of the Steem blockchain, and get a new way of creating and consuming media on the Internet.

You can click this link to get your account.

What's next ?

The first goal is to release Steemigram officially, and improve stability and sustainability of the service. And I'm pretty sure people will give us some new ideas to add to the service.

We will also set up a curation trail to maximize Instagramers gains. And we will do our best to upvote every picture that will be posted when our SP allows us to. Of course, a help is needed to help us give a higher vote. You can follow the curation trail or delegate some SP. You'll be noticed when the curation trail will be effective.

So, enjoy Steemigram, and see you soon for the next news.
@sebbbl and @algo.coder.


A complete portal to all giant socmeds for crossposting will bring great value to STEEM.

Good idea, we will see what can be "cross-steemed" and what can not.

This could happen. This SHOULD happen.

Is video playback or 'multi' picture posts functional?

Video is hard to handle, as only Youtube videos can be embedded in a Steemit post. Multi-pictures posts haven't been tested yet.
Update : multi-pictures only fetches the first picture.

Im glad I asked. Will be key to have multi pictures work. I understand the video aspect. Gives greater hope for youtube concept! Unless its not legally fiesable

We'll see what we can do about it. For Youtube, I don't know yet if it's fiesable, imho it shouldn't violate the TOS, as we can already share our own videos wherever we want, for a commercial use included. If needed, a youtuber can use a creative commons license and feel free to use his video the way he wants.

Made a post today and it did everything great just didnt not translate the linebreaks at all but still did so with out code showing.

We are working hard on the final details. Thanks for your feedback.

I didn't even know you could post multiple pictures on Instagram, I'm gonna check that, it should be possible to fetch all the pictures, I'm gonna make some tests and put it in production once it's "clean". We will keep you informed.

sweet! this is awesome! can post up to 7 images on steepshot also. it sure changed the game too!

Done, multiple pictures are now supported !
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I know it isnt simple. Thank you for blazing the way for it come to be.

I just followed the steps my service seems to be active. Accounts seem to be linked. What next? I think this is a really neat thing to happen to steam and perhaps one of the most exciting things for the blockchain to encourage exponential growth if done properly can't wait to try this out what do I do next?

Just continue to use Instagram as you did before. The only difference is that you must use the #steemigram in your Instagram post to get it cross-posted on Steemit.

That's awesome bro is it only a 10% beneficiary cost on my end to steemigram?

90% for you, 10% for us.

Is there plans to add curation to the posts via a steem power delegation program?

It is planned. We count on Steemian's support to help us grow our SP, and very soon a curation trail will be created.

I think 10% is quite reasonable and I'm sure others do too but I am getting some people making a big deal about the 10% is there a way you can explain in a post what the 10% is going towards?

This is our payout for @algo.coder and I, for development and service maintenance. We set it to 5% each, but it may evolve if many people use the service (we also talked about 2.5% each and 5% for @steemigram). We just wait to see how the service will be used.

As said by @sebbbl, it's the cut we have set for now.
It's aimed at covering the server's costs but also paying us for the time spent on the project (development, maintenance, promotion, ...).

It may (and surely will) evolve with time and the use of the service. We may also put a part of this fee directly on the @steemigram account to increase Steem Power and the value of the upvotes that will be given to the users (Curation is not up yet, but it's only a matter of a day or two).

In the event that the service is widely used, this percentage may decrease, but for now it's really just there to try and cover the fixed costs of such a project.

thanks for tuning me into this @dynamicgreentk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all: this is awesome!
Second: Do you include any way to ensure the Instagram account in question is owned by the Steemit user who links it?
If not, a possible solution comes to mind: send the Steemit user some verification to post to their Instagram, like a sequence of numbers or a QR code.

First : thank you.
For the verification, for now, the only thing is the use of the #steemigram tag on Instagram, this way you can't steal content from anyone, you can only steal content from another Steemian that uses #steemigram.
It's just a start, and we thought about generating a unique hashtag for the user to post on Instagram and to make the "link".

That makes sense!

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@steemigram @sebbbl i have tried multiple types but still nothing posted on steemit. don't know how its going to work. better if someone has any you tube video explaining step by stem.

I saw you tried to quote @steemigram. All you have to do is use the #steemigram tag. It didn't work yesterday as the blockchain was down.

I tried twice today as well. but no success. don't know what mistake I am making...

Did you register on ?
Is the mention Service active displayed ?

On your 2 pics I do not see the mention #steemigram (with the hashtag, it's important).

Wen I tried to hastag steemigram than option comes to tag steemigram and same I selected... So basically that means I have done wrong. So where I have to mention steemigram with hash tag... Do u have any video... Or can u please share 1 or 2 pics as screenshot explaining where we have to do it... Thanx

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You can see how it is done on these pics :

Thanx a lot.... I got it now..... Really thank for helping out

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Can you write out exactly what I need for it to show

Insta Post: ”HEYIMSNUFFLES Posted On “DATE”


Hi, it's two times the _ on the 8 number on each side of the word.
I will simplify this or write it more explicitly.

So you should write :

__INSTAGRAM__ Posted on __DATE__

I will try. Thanks!!

You must fill the Title field on, not on Instagram.


On Instagram you can add the description you want, it will appear on Steemit as on Instagram. Use 2 underscores on each side of the word, not only 1, else it won't work. @algo.coder is thinking about a way to simplify this.

2 times. Perfect

I'm glad you figured it out !
If you have an idea of what would be best, I will put it in place (seems you first tried with one underscore on each side, so maybe that's the best ?)

This still is confusing ill figure it out im sure!

If you have any idea about what would be the most "natural" and the most easily understandable by everyone, I'm all ears.
The goal is only to state that if you put "THIS" in the title it will automatically be transformed to "that" when posting on Steemit.

I put two underscores to make sure no one will ever use that in its title except for the transformation purpose, but it doesn't seem the best option. If you have a preference, I will apply it.

Ill ask @heyimsnuffles how he did it on Discord this is really cool I can't wait to play around with it and see how it works!

I think 2 underscores is Fine, just put a note and say that it is 2 underscores and you will be fine!

OK good, I'm just gonna write it explicitly on the "Title Notice"

There we got...2 underscores and all caps then 2 underscores. Done.


how can i get big upvote from steemigram

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how can i get big upvote from steemigram amd i have one more question. can we use other tag in this post

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We won't be able to give big upvotes, as there will be lots of people using the service. That's why we are setting up a curation trail. More info soon.

You can use as many tags as you want (instagram accepts 30 max).

how to add tag on steemit post

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You must edit the post on, it won't work with another condender.

ok thanks for information

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Excellent article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

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