Perks of Minnowbooster - And why you should help!

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I recently tried out the service of @minnowbooster and I must say it really rocks! Even when the voting power on the bot is low, it delivers.

After some talk with the people that chats there, it became apparent to me that this is indeed a rolling where any action by any participant helps the service grow and get better for everyone.

If you upvote, you help the people that delegate steem power to the bot. If you delegate steem power to the bot, you help the bot use less Vote Strenght per vote and in turn help voters get more for their SBD, as u help the bot keep a higher VP.

This is a system that will help everyone in all kinds of timeframes and I would advice everyone to take a look at the service and do some votes and delegate if you have some spare SP.

There basically is only good things that can happen here. So come aboard and have fun with the rest of us!

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