How to remain calm in any situation! Part 2

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Here is my second part of my series on how to remain calm and collected during any conversation.
Last time we went over the importance of making sure that the other person understands that you care.

Today we will build a little more onto this and introduce another important skill we use a lot but never think about.
I am of course talking about making sure that you understand what the other person is talking about.

This can be a tough topic, as in many cases in our daily life we do not truly understand what is being told, but we might give the impression that we do and give a false impression on the other human being.
This is not something I recommend. There is a way of thinking about this in a different light. How about making sure that you make some nice thoughtful questions, that encourage talking about it, which in turn help you understand the issue or current situation?
This is something we all do very often, but we do indeed not think about it very often.

What I am proposing here is not that we introduce a false understanding, but encourage learning and mutual trust that we both have a common interest in the talk. This is a very strong component of any talk.

As an example, in any teaching you have attended or seen on the internet, does the teacher present the problem and then explain it? Would you learn from that if the teacher does not introduce the feeling that you understand why this is important to learn?

I for one can say confidently that if my math teacher did not give me a reason for usecases for algebra, I would not have remembered how to solve them still.
However this is a common skill that can be used everywhere, but to see it in practice it would be most common to look at a lecture or course to identify it.

This picture is from and is Public Domain.

I hope this has been a giving block of text and I look forward to publishing more on this topic.
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