steemit wallet here doesn't work

in steemit •  2 years ago

First of all, I saw that my wallet 'isn't powering up' for a day now, it is stuck just under the 100 STEEM POWER. I wanted to power down because frankly I don't like this wallet here, I always have problems. So I am trying to power down, doesn't succeed. It says: 'Transaction broadcast error'. After that I decided to search for the technical department here, which doesn't exist? I find that strange, so what if you have problems like me, you have to solve everything by yourself? That is not professional at all. I am for more than 1 hour busy with this. So where can I address this issue or how can I solve it?

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You wallet is staking much slower cause of the hardfork 016. They have changed the algorythm and now only 9,5% Steem per years are your interest.
Why your power down does not work, I do not know.
Hope that helps.

i have the same issue... not good