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RE: Top 50 witnesses who DO NOT directly support bidbots with their delegations.

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is there a reputation requirement or could infinite bots proxy their vote? I can't find out about this anywhere and I think it's insanely important to address that or fix the loophole it creates. Also is there any tool to see who is getting their proxies from and who is sending out proxies? Not accusing anyone, but if that is the case anyone who is a witness could have paid to be one. Thinking like, if you spent maybe 20k on bots and got like 12-15k bots out of it and proxied their vote and then vote for yourself as a witness. Out of the almost 1 million users that is a 1.5% vote that puts you at 80 in the top 100 witnesses. Pretty important for fact checking! That is a lot of money, but to someone wealthy they could become a witness overnight using bid bots for reputation boosting and then bots for witness voting.


Thanks for the great questions.

  1. Reputation does not directly factor into becoming a witness. Someone with a higher reputation probably has a greater chance of being voted on, but that is it.

  2. As I just found out from @gtg earlier today, delegations do not affect the amount of voting power each person has, only vested shares (not deletaged shares)

So, the use of bots are not a direct factor in becoming a witness, but there is of course an incentive if your run bots to be a witneess so you can insure the bot revenue remains.

No I mean like using a proxy vote from a bot to do a witness vote. Someone who owns say 50 bots can proxy them to one bot who can then witness vote for yourself. Is there a way that is prevented?

It is not about how many accounts you have, it is about how much SP you have vested. One account or 1,000. It is the sum total of the SP. One account worth 1,000 SP = 1,000 accounts worth 1 SP each.

All witness votes are SP weighted.

So then you can only vote for 30, is voting for more than say 5 depleting the available vests you give to the original 5?

No, all votes are the same. If you vote for 1 or 30, the vote for the 1st one remains with the same weight.

The difference is that if you have 1000 SP and someone has 1,000,000 SP and vote for different witnesses, the other person will have choice privilege and your votes will matter much less.

Yeah makes sense. So the issue is anyone can technically buy their way to being a witness. The only way to deter that and make it more expensive is if everyone participates in voting / proxies their vote

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