⚠ Bandwidth Limit Exceeded And How To Fix This ⚠

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I try to make a comment and realize I can't? What happened here? I was completely unaware of bandwidth limitations up until this moment. I look around and try to ask around and realize I'm unable to do that. Until I somehow fix this problem I am a ghost on Steemit unable to do anything really. So what you can do is join are these different things

Join this chat - https://steemit.chat/channel/help

They aren't extremely helpful, the mostly just say try to find it somewhere in the previous chat, which I did. To save you some time I'll share the actual answers

Go to https://steemd.com/@yourusername

Here you can see your bandwidth and actually know if you've exceed and what your limit even was to begin with.

You are limited by your Steem Power. As it increases so does your bandwidth. However you cannot increase your Steem Power with no bandwidth as I found out.


Now, the people in the help chat said I had to just wait and I wasn't content doing that. So I realized that while you can't convert Steem Dollars or Steem into Steem Power with no bandwidth, you can send other crypto currency in. So what I did was send 0.80$ worth of DOGE to my Steem directly.

Then this unlocked my account, and I used my Steem with my new available bandwidth to power up and it solved my issue.

So, I'm using the rest of my bandwidth to share this with you and then I will spend it more sparingly moving forward! 🔍

Anyways I hope this helps if you found it useful, please resteem it and upvote :)

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i got this too today but as far as I know and read is just a bug, it doesnt cost you actual steem power just to post/comment and stuff like that.

The system is still hard to understand for me though I have 1 week on site already

Yeah but you do have bandwidth limitations weekly. You can up the capacity via powering up or let it power up naturally

ok good to know :D . any idea where can i find my bandwith limitation?

Haha, read what I wrote in the article lol - https://steemd.com/[@yourusername]

oh sorry i was actually talking to another person on a facebook group on that, I confused these 2 conversations haha

I just wrote about this last week... Maybe my observations will help. And yes, the easiest solution is to buy your way out of it, but that isn't an option for me. I do know that this week has been worse than usual. One day this week, I wasn't able to post until 5pm when I started trying at 7am!

Yeah well I mean even like 1$ of crypto can buy you out, or waiting to claim rewards

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