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Hi Steemians,

I was quite inactive, because I was kind of disappointed.

Not about whales, fakes, scam and spam, but about the appreciation of efforts people put in here from their hearts, not driven by the greedy wish of easily making some money.

"Oh, he gets more than I do, I am sure he knows someone who supports him... that´s not fair ... blablabla and bloobloobloo" ... or "Hey, I have the greatest tricks to scam the [xxx] out of the system, let´s crash it."

It felt like 90% of the postings and threads were like that.

I registered here a short time before the very first hype.

I liked the idea of having a new community of people that want to communicate on a new platform, creating something completely new. I started engaging myself by translating the Whitepaper to German and trying to organize a translation team for multiple languages...offering also TRs of posts in languages not everyone understands. I wanted to do this to make the site better, to grow the community...not for cash. But that was the time when this awkward "whale" discussions started and the site was full of it.

I checked in to see if this has gotten any better. Well... discussions are still often about those things, but ja.

The good thing coming out of it is, that it seems the Steemit-Team is analyzing those discussions and finding some levers to fix problems.

Maybe the Techs should add a content filter "GreedFree contents" to the private post options :)


Well, cried enough!

The good thing about a growing community is, that not only the number of [some inappropriate words] members increases, but also the number of [some very nice words] members.

So let´s give it a second shot.

Have a good day, enjoy whatever you´re doing and see you soon.

In the end, there´s always


Yes, money talks ... agreed ... but isn't it enough when the money talks, do we all have to talk about money?
It comes to those who are lucky and sometimes to those who are diligent ... if they are lucky :)


@schnitzler you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

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