When dan is the One Making Sense, You Know You Dun Goofed

in steemit •  6 months ago 

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It's a shame those guys fell out. Lost opportunities, but there's still potential IMHO

Pretty big admission that this big corporation was depending on a volatile market to pay staff. Pump and dump, over and over again.


Except that they forgot to sell when the market was high.

As if that would have had any impact to quickly grab $20m last December.

Well it would have an impact now. And for the next two years.

Here's a cheeseburger and fries!

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Can’t even blame the man.
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Heyyy fknmayhem!

How can I use the same command you just used? 😊

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Give @rewarding posting rights.

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I know right?

Ouch that was really a shot fired at steem and ned for real! Yeah pitty they couldn't work together i'm sure it would have been better for the project but hey emotions run high on the blockchain


Why are people always so butthurt?

Between Steem and Steem Power, @dan still has 500,000 Steem still in his wallet.

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