Daily BernieSanders and Randowhale Abuse Report 1/4/18

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Hey Hey, Round 2! And I'm set to an AUTO flag from @iflagtrash - bot flagging the moment you post, fun!


Below is the list of new users, regular posters, and most of all, people who have nothing to do with the Haejin v Bernie feud who have already been shut down for no reason at all. Some of these members joined less than a month ago. Not to mention myself, but at least he has a reason to dislike me and try to hide my comments.

Bravo Bernie, attack the people who want to join steemit and have nothing to do with that AT ALL.

Not like some people say they have nothing to do with this, these people literally have nothing to do with this, and probably have no idea why their question or thank you was flagged. This is just from one post today:

Abusers of the Day so far: @eatsrewards @randowhale

People voted down instantly by the users above:

  1. @kevinburg
  2. @duckrichard
  3. @starlordman
  4. @ariok
  5. @s3cr3t
  6. @pathi
  7. @gimba
  8. @mrprofessor
  9. @michiel
  10. @haejinfans
  11. @blacksquare
  12. @ndog
  13. @hotsauceislethal
  14. @fatma.tiger
  15. @yunjae
  16. @chrisjeong
  17. @lokya12
  18. @lukebrn
  19. @amn
  20. @kashit
  21. @dlslipa88
  22. @thoriumbr
  23. @apatche

Damn dude....I got a new complaint. You are pillaging the douchebag pool. Good ole Bernie, Randowhale, and eatsrewards....doing their part to welcome new Steemians from all over the world, and even some still in their first month! Wow guys, using that SP really well tearing down people's rep who have no clue why. Please help these users get back to their lvl 25 standing as they have absolutely nothing to do with this feud....and not the way some people SAY they have nothing to do with it. They actually have nothing to do with it. This is just a TINY TINY TINY portion of the same actions taking place all day and night to new and unknowing users just trying to learn the platform and participate. I'm sure plenty more can be added to this list since the time I started this post.

Here is a fair (enough) list of RandoWhales votes this morning.

Yes I sifted through to find the ones that make the point. There are many not shown here who got the vote they paid for....but that doesn't excuse the following.


I've paid for a RandoWhale vote in the past..so fuck me,

1 minute ago and 2 views.....but 13 downvotes? hmmm


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Suck it troll. Have fun!

P.S. - @randowhale has had its best day in 2 weeks!! Thank you!!

PLEASE, keep flagging! Keep flagging everything!!!


It's always fun with you Bernie, this is a great ad campaign we are running together!


Seems to be working out for everyone now, doesn't it? Are you FINALLY starting to see the plan here? Everyone wins.

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Come on man, you think we don't know this also.....He's got those followers for a reason....we ain't just dumb back woods hickums! Now remove my flags, I'm poor!


Let’s chat. You can find me on steemit.chat or steemspeak discord.


Why you flag me @heajin I am not @haejin

I am just trying to make an account. Everyone beats on me from both sides. I am the only one who has the right to complain. Both Gangs are ganging up on me. Good vs. Evil flagging neutral.

Such is the life of a minnow. I will keep swimming and learn to play the game better without whining and crying. Continue your war.


At least change your picture


It sure is!

This flagging war needs to stop. Our accounts cannot be treated as collateral damage just because two users are beefing.


So this is what money does to people .. ?!? Sad smh v_v

@scarlet7 Thank you, keep up the good work!


Lol you just won't learn... Daddy @hygeine can't save you..

1st is a dead link and so far down the list they look like bots. These accounts wouldn't even be accepted into the Steem Poker League because, they look like bots or at the least sockpuppet accounts.

Just a hunch, but some more analysis on the accounts would be in order before making accusations. Flagging spam bots and sockpuppets is a common and welcomed practice.

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