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RE: To vote yourself up, or not to vote yourself up, that's the question.

in #steemit3 years ago

It is an interesting dynamic and something I have personally struggled with, but lately I have gotten comfortable promoting myself when earned/applicable. (as in comment votes)

As for post votes, I have always has the upvote post box checked in my submit a post screen since day one so had not even thought about it.

Now that I do though, hell yeah I am voting myself up. Worked my butt off for 11 months to build up some SP never having a big pay day post or one viral or even sniff the trending page.

Plus, 90% of my posts are value add not fluff. I aim to provide value to the community. Hard work equals a good steak dinner from time to time, now I can afford to finally buy one. :-)


A very honest and upfront description of your habits. I'd love to thank you for sharing this... I've been following you a long time @scaredycatguide and you're one of the best curators of content I've found. You don't just blog. You run around commenting and I've been doing it too... I suppose you might be one of my inspirations long ago, and I'm sorry your steak dinners took so long.. but the next one you get, you eat it up good.. and enjoy it. You deserve it.