YOUR Tour of All Access Passes! Day 7

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Have you ever been to a Country Music Concert?
All great concerts have incredible energy in the arena, and here's what makes Country Music Concerts unique; first some background on this event...


This event pictured above was my first concert of its kind; the second was the Tyler Farr concert in Reno this past December:


All three of these musical artists are tremendous!

Their events were incredible, the arenas were FULL, the emotion in the room was tangible.

DO check them out if they ever happen to come to your town!

Here's a great, fun song from Justin Moore (that has over 39 million views!):

Lee Brice has an awesome music video here:


After watching that last clip, regard how you feel about it.

Like the computer asking Commander Spock 🖖 in a very old Star Trek movie:

How do you feel?

Is it a mix of emotions or is it solely one?

Whatever your answer may be, hold on to the memory of that feeling for a moment; this may change your life...

As an event owner and promoter 25 years ago, along with being a DJ at Raves, I learned very quickly the value of getting out of your own head.

Going META, as it is often referred to.

The operative question here for YOU, the value in this lesson where YOU benefit, is what does that really mean, to "get out of your head?"

If you're out of your head, well where then do you bloody well go?


Regard witnessing the experience from the perspective of those around you.

Packing our events, for over half a decade, with thousands and thousands of people means you need to regard the experience from their perspective - make sure they have the time of their life and are eager to come back to the next one!


THAT'S the only way you can grow, and be better than you were yesterday.

How did you feel about that last clip by Lee Brice?

  • Some people might have thought it was emotionally sad 😔
  • Some people may have thought it was cheesy
  • SOME people very likely related to it and have done that exact same thing, portrayed in the video, after losing a sibling to a war.

If you were stuck having just one opinion (your own) about that clip, then congratulations!

You just learned something today about yourself.
And you can be better tomorrow:

By recognizing and temporarily adopting different regard for the same sensory stimulus offered to us by the world.

If you can adapt your behavioral model to accept how others process information differently than the way you do, your ability to effectively communicate with others will be heightened exponentially.

I'm a Certified Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and that might be next month's learning topic for Steemit.

Here are some photos from the incredible

"American Made Tour":


Backstage refreshments in the green room:


Some of the beautiful LADIES:

The two kinds of passes for the event:

Hangin' with some heavy hitters:

On the way to the arena:

Entering the ENERGY:


Backstage snaps:


What an awesome event!


Thank you Justin Moore, thank you Lee Brice, for such an incredible experience!

Thank YOU, precious reader, for your comments and your interest. Your attention to these posts makes the sharing worthwhile.

It is because you are here, that I am here.

It's Thursday, it's YOUR day!

Get out there and make something happen Steemit!

@scan0017 😘


Another wonderful and interesting post by @scan0017 sir..

Lee Brice Track Listing:...

  1. What Keeps You Up At Night (Lee Brice, Jessi Alexander, Ross Copperman, Pete Wilson)
  2. Little Things (Lee Brice, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)
  3. American Nights (Mike Walker, Austin Jenckes, Jeff Middleton)
  4. Boy (Jon Nite, Nicolle Galyon)
  5. They Won’t Forget About Us (Lee Brice, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley)
  6. I Don’t Smoke (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Jon Stone, John Bollinger) *Warren Haynes/Guitars
  7. You Can’t Help Who You Love (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Ashley Gorley)
  8. Rumor (Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Ashley Gorley)
  9. The Locals (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Brian Bunn)
  10. Songs In The Kitchen (Lee Brice, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller)
  11. Story To Tell (Little Bird) (Lee Brice, Phillip Lammonds, Edwin McCain)
  12. Have A Good Day (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Randy Montana)
  13. Even With My Eyes Closed (Jaren Johnston, Michael Heeney, Neil Mason)
  14. Dixie Highway (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Matraca Berg)
  15. Best Part Of Me (Phillip Lammonds, Chris Gelbuda)

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The operative question here for YOU, the value in this lesson where YOU benefit, is what does that really mean, to "get out of your head?"

To me, it means “Forget” about your failures, but also learn from the mistakes causing your failures .I love country music. Every song has a meaning and is someone’s story. With that said, the main word that comes to my head while listening to your music is “the story”. Must had been a great experience at Tyler Farr concert in Reno. Your pictures are awesome 👏.
Resteemed! @scan0017

Wonderfull all photography of huge consert awesome music song fully enjoyment and fantastic tour day7 #scan 😍
I Upvote & resteemed your post ☺

I love Justin Moore song

Thanks for sharing

great post and wonderful pictures and amazing music ♡ @scan0017
#redtem your post

Hello dear friend, as always providing an excellent post, I love your work.

the music is just Wowww . . . Amd i am never been to concerts but after seeing your excitement and the awesome pictures of the concert
Now I wish to Go
Thank you @scan0017 for sharing

wow really it is an awesome music.

greetings @ scan0017 very ingenious your publication, as always very good work I have never been in a concert so it must be an incredible experience. upvote and resteem

I enjoy watching any types of concert. Actually concert means enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your excellent photography and your experience about it.

Great music Post thanks for sharing this story I appreciate your blog......

Amazing ideas by @scan0017 sir...
Actually I'm really like and respect to your ideas...
Music is an important part of people’s life and it will stay like that. Well, after reading this article it will probably become an even more important part of your life. Music has many benefits it provides on the human health and mood, and all benefits are useful. As the answer to all of that, you should listen to music daily, rather than occasionally. In addition, the type of music you listen may have specific advantages.

  1. Music helps you concentrate better
    Music can easily help you focus better and allow you to use additional concentration capabilities, you thought you never had. The study, conducted back in 2007, by the Stanford University discovered that especially baroque music has this benefit. Type of music, from this period, isn’t as important as the rate and the melody. You will need soft and gentle music that calms you. After it calmed you, your focus will be better and your brain will be capable of memorizing much more.
    Classical music has been linked to the aforementioned benefit a few years ago. In general, all types of it have benefits, therefore it should be listed daily.
  2. Makes you feel better
    Playing unblocked games and listening to the music you like will simply have an astonishing effect. First of all, music will relax you, especially when you listen to the music type you like. This fact actually has been approved by the study from 2011. Music affects the brain, in releasing more dopamine, a hormone that improves your mood.
    In general, all kinds of music have this property, but it is important to listen to the kind you prefer. Listening to the music that you don’t like may have an opposite effect.
  3. You will exercise more
    Have you ever wondered why all gyms, play music all the time? Have you also wonder why all of them play a similar type of music. It is because music helps us exercise more and for a longer period of time. There are a few ways music affects you while exercising. As we already mentioned, it makes you feel calmer, therefore you will be more comfortable in doing the same thing for a longer period of time. Then, it gives you the motivation to exercise longer.
    The bottom line with music and exercising is that they are things that must be connected every single time. Exercising without listening to the music won’t be as successful as you would like.
  4. Boosts your creativity
    Being creative is more than just possible and simple, but it can be improved. For example, listening to the music can help you see new things and get new ideas. How? Each word in the song is paired with a specific tone. When paired, they activate specific centers in the brain. The bottom line is that listening to the music will make your brain develop fresh ideas. If you have a job that demands creativity now you know what to do.
    Different genres of music will have different properties. Gentle and classical music is the most beneficial in this case. Heavy metal music is beneficial in a completely different way.
  5. Relieves pain
    How it is even possible that music can relieve pain? Actually, this is one of the most important benefits music has. In any single study, ever conducted, music has been related to the lower amounts of pain. People who suffer from fibromyalgia should use music in even higher amounts. It is known that they should listen to the music 2 hours per day.
    Soft music is the one that relieves the pain the most. Other types are beneficial, but slightly less. Hard and loud music won’t have this effect. In a matter of fact, it may have a completely different effect...



What fantastic information @senu41!
Thank you for your insightful comment and all of your resteems!
I checked your blog to thank you on one of your posts, yet there were none that were a week old or less...
I hope you continue to make posts so that I may reciprocate 🙂

@scan0017 sir...Actualy I'm new comer in to this platform...I'm always try learn something with every posts...and I'm hope create good my own post very soon...
Thanks for your is very important to me...
Thanks again...

Dude you sound a big music lover, well I haven't been in country music till now, hope someday I will, 39 million views on Justin Moores song, well this much can only be possible if this dude is really talented, I haven't gone through any of his music, maybe some day I will, you gallery is also awesome, tons of lights reflecting from them, keep sharing such posts, keep us updating about music, thankyou

your TOUR is really awesome, you rocked on day 7, i wonder what you did in previous 6 days, hope you have posted that too, will give it a look...
resteem done :)

Music is wonderful and I have never been a backstage of the concerts. I think it is awesome. I eill follow you anymore to hear great songs.

Thank you for sharing

Hey @ scan0017, great post music! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work!
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

Nice words @scan0017.

THAT'S the only way you can grow, and be better than you were yesterday.

Everytime I read your post I learn something new, some new tool to improve my self .thanks for sharing @scanfly0017.
I Resteemed this post so that other people also learn something from this article.

i have never been to a country music concert i dont know how it feels
but this post will not let me sleep untill i will attend the one!

after this I think that I would stay in country music
days without going through here.
greetings bro
Upvote and resteem !!

If you were stuck having just one opinion (your own) about that clip, then congratulations!
You just learned something today about yourself.

I couldn't choose and I'm happy for that :)

Thank you for the post, it was so impressive! I'm listening these songs one by one.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Nice story bro. Thanks you for post

I am new in this wonderful community, I was reviewing your publications and I love ... I am your number one fan hahaha

@julybm welcome to our prestigious community

Excellant post !

Wonderful picture ❤️😻😻🎤🎶
Resteemed @scan0017

Its a very good story. upvote and resteemed ! @scan0017

Awesome Music Concert looking have a great fun big crowed, your world tour is awesome
great experience

Wow, it was really a mixture of emotions, so many memories and moments came to my mind, the lyrics are sad, and it has really made me melancholic, I am isolated from the world right now, I have not lost a brother or someone special, but Seeing them is difficult.

the only country music that I heard are the ones that you published, I'm starting to like this genre !!
upvote and resteem.

En realidad es una cancion muy triste, no aceptamos cuando se nos va un hermano, padre o madre pues ellos nos dejan un gran vacio. y unas inmensas ganas de retroceder el tiempo para darle lo que alguna vez nos pidieron y no lo hicimos

This post, it reminded me of my older brother, he was in the special forces, he had to go there because of the circumstances of life, she separated us, and although she is alive, I do not know about him, only the memories, a precious child where I always reflect it. :(

great music.and very nice story.enjoy the travel.

I have become really sentimental, these days your publications have been very beautiful, I have filled with feelings and thoughts that were very saved, thanks to you for being here, you are an amazing person, you knew?

This song is very sad, but we have to get ahead, soAmigo @ scan0017 is immensely sad when we lose a loved one, that's why everything we do after his death is totally valid. The way we remember him, we want to be close to his things, like his favorite car, shirt, the music he liked, we want to listen to him always. but eventually everything happens and then we resign ourselves

God knows why things happen

You're amazing man!!!
Thank you so much 😀😀😀

Oooh time to get silly 🤪👍

What a great post ! thank you @scan0017

great content and great music too thanks for this lovely post.

@scan0017, Woohoo........ DJJJJJJJJJJJ.............................. Lights with rocky dance with sexy ladies..... Woop. What about you thinking friend..... I love your bloggy.....Every time.... Every ways....

I gotta go to look around your beauty songs and blog. I'm fire. Nice you decide to share.

American made tour being well organized incredible dance moment with top outstanding musics...We all connect with steemit and ready to be change world. That' huge post @scan0017

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

A big crowd and i love concerts and big concerts

"American Made Tour" you know am rocky classy man forever...Looking to see and go around where's musics found. That's outstanding party caps taken. Colorful with dj decorations.
Go ahead @scan0017

ohhhh !!! How sad is this song, we all spend in this life by sad circumstances, but we must recover from them and continue with our lives, in the end we only have an opportunity to live it. Upvote and resteem

This music is very good, it's the kind of songs that bring out my feelings, it reminds me of my relatives who have already left.

Upvoted and resteemed

What a good music and very sad, life is a short way sometimes full of sorrows and pain, but we continue to overcome all barriers trying to make each day better than the previous. upvote and resteem

Like being there. I love it.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Muy buena y excelente musica @scan0017 upvote and resteemed

wonderful pictures and amazing music ♡ @scan0017
I love Justin Moore song
thanks @scan0017 for sharing

A big crowd.the one thing that i enjoy most in concert is big crowd noise :)

Nothing like touring, but then when it's the last show of the run it's a celebration!! We were happy this run was over:


WOW you and I could have a proper sit down & chat (over some JD, of course) and swap road stories...
Loved your clip, followed.
🤜🤛 🤝

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