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Hello friends,

My name is Saurabh kujur and I am from is my first blog which I write below there in which I share my general and young thought so,many of people doesn't like it if you like it please comment and share with your friends.

And I share my all experience with you which I experienced from childhood to now in the, let's starts or discuss on that topic which are I tell you in the heading.i think from many days which are things, person, blog or where I share my experience and at last but not least I shared with you.

So, let's gets starts ,
In India most of them are happy with their life or we can say they accept it that was the things or job which are m ade by god so,we accept it and do this work for lifetime but they forgot the life is just once.
so,all types of enjoyment or different types of work are trying by ourselves but they always stable in their work iam not saying that they are not doing their work properly but I wanted to say that they are not live their a life freely or with freedom they thought this was the things which We do in any situation.

I thought this types of losses confidential or follow their work by taking or doing something different things so, lot of thinking I reached in the conclusion that it comes from our childhood times because parents are always wanted from their children they are always told that you always stable yourself.but it should not wrong but in your whole life we are die by doing this that type of thing I know this is my thoughts.
so, many of the people don't like it because I want to live free and confident life always wanted or curious about new things.

Thank you

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It is my first blog


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