My Brother In Law Just Died - Due to greed and an Incompetent Healthcare System. Please Help!

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I was informed minutes ago that my brother in-law just died.


Surrounded by doctors and nurses, in the hospital, that would do nothing to help him.

He had been in the hospital for a few days and as of today started having trouble breathing. The doctors told his wife (my sister in-law) that he needed to be put on oxygen immediately. They also told her that they would not put him on oxygen until she bought and paid for it. She could not afford it!

Another sister in-law of mine that has been staying at my house woke my wife up this morning to tell her the situation and beg the two of us for money on behalf of him. My wife told me what was going on and of course I told her we would do everything we could to help.

Unfortunately we are also broke, several months past due on rent, 6 months past due on some bills, it's a bit embarrassing to say the least, but we've always managed to get by. We do have more liquid funds available to us however and so although we can not afford, we agreed to give them as much money as we possibly could, regardless of putting us further in debt, in order to cover the Oxygen and medicine he needed, as well as a bed in the hospital.

My wife went to the ATM within 20 minutes of waking up, it all went by fairly quickly, to withdraw the money we would be giving for my brother in-law Othan's needs. She was very fast, and upon returning home the other sister in-law took the money and headed off to the hospital to deliver the money.

She was too late.

Before she even made it to the hospital, due to traffic it took a while, Othan was dead. The doctors having let it happen.

If they would have treated him, put him on oxygen, and allowed payment upon being discharged, or even after his life was no longer in immediate danger, he would still be here with us. They did not even give him a bed! HE DIED SITTING IN A WHEELCHAIR!

He left behind a wife, and 2 young children that were not even allowed to visit him in the hospital due to restrictions. His children, my niece and nephew, are ages 15, and 7.

He was only 37 years old, and suffocated to death in the hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses, that would do nothing to help him because he did not have the money on hand to pay for his treatment.

We are now faced with the costs of the funeral arrangements, as well as finding a way to help his wife, and children financially in order to help them keep moving forward in their lives, with food in their mouthes a roof over their head, and an education.

I Plea to the Steemit Community for Help!

I am not one to ask for help typically, or even make people aware of personal issues; but I'm afraid in this instance I must swallow my pride and at the very least inform you all and ask for any help that can be provided. Be that donations, an upvote, a resteem, or even your prayers.

As many of you are aware. My wife @haleyaerith and I are a part of #teamphilippines @teamphilippines which is a community here in Steemit for Filipinos, and those living in the Philippines. The goal of this community is to help spread Steemit throughout the Philippines and to help people to leverage it to reduce poverty and increase education within the country.

It's an unfortunate truth that this tragedy of my brother in-law dying like he did, is not a rare occurrence in the Philippines. Hopefully with the help of all of you amazing people on Steemit, and the #teamphilippines @teamphillipines community, we can help make this more rare, or even eradicate it all together. Unfortunately this tragedy did happen, but hopefully with time and your support, we can prevent it from happening to others.


If you would like to donate Ethereum or Bitcoin to help us with funeral expenses for Othan and a bit of financial stability, or even a boost for his widow and children, please use the following address's. For Steem please send it direct to my account.

Ethereum: 0x74EF518eF5450Bb0c9191b42678D17549C11B8fF

If you would like to also help support #teamphilippines @teamphilippines, please send any donations or delegation directly to @teamphilippines.

I thank you all for your compassion, upvotes, resteems, and prayers in advance. Thank you.

Some people have asked for proof that this is legitimate etc.

I understand that in a world full of fraud, sometimes it makes the truth less believable based on previous experiences. A few people have therefor asked for proof to make sure that this is all true and not some ploy. See below images i gathered yesterday:


I have pictures of all the paperwork as well if necessary, but I figured this is probably good enough for most people.


My condolences. Upvoted 100% and sent some SBD for your bro's family. If you don't mind me asking...What did he died of?

thank you so much. He needed oxygen and proper assistance.

I meant did he die due to lack oxygen and medical attention because of asthma attack, an illness or injury because of an accident?

he has a heart problem. Im not sure. But needed oxygen for sure.

That's terrible. I hope you get justice for his death.

im hoping so. Thank you very much and always take care of yourself 😊

I'm sorry for your loss. That's such a horrible way to go. I don't get that hospital. He's in the ER, right? Isn't it protocol to give emergency treatment with or without payment when in there? Which hospital is this? It needs to be avoided.

San Juan De Dios po. definitely avoid. 😢

Our sincerest condolences. Upvoted and Resteemed.

I'm outraged! Which hospital was this at?

just read one of the comments...

this one?

My condolences..

Yes that's the one. Thank you for your support.

Have you thought about taking them to court?

hi @bearone I think they are not going to. They are facing financial problems and add this all funeral expenses.but im not sure tho.

We offer our deepest condolences. We also know how healthcare can be a pain in this country. It's not new to Filipinos. There are tons of news about people not getting proper attention in our hospitals, public or private, especially when they're unable to pay upfront. The administration should look deeper into this issue! Filipinos deserve a whole lot better.

I agree @philippinetrail Filipinos deserve WAY better than this. Thank you for your support.

my condolences

Thank you @tjpezlo

damn this flawed medical system! sorry for this messed up situation. :(

Indeed, and we were just talking about this problem in the chatroom a few days ago. Never thought it'd hit this close to home, especially so soon. Thanks for your support @chinito

This is a very sad situation. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family and most especially to Othan's family. May he rest in peace.

Thank you very much Lovely. The wake is now being held at his home in Las Pinas, I will extend your greetings to everybody.

Sorry for your lost, i just sent you some sbd. My condolences to you and to your family.

Thank you for your support and your donation @awesomenyl.

Condolence to you guys and Othans family. May he rest in peace. I've been in that situation before and it's really unfair how you've been treated when you dont have money. Sad truth. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for your support @dearjyoce

I know this donation so little but don't worry, God bless you with billions of dollar. I prey to God for you!

If you received please leave a comment.

I received, thank you very much for your generosity.

It's my pleasure! I upvoted and resteemit your post! God bless you!

:'( condolences to you and your family.

my upvote is small so upvoted with whalevote, hope it helps.

Thank you very much @luvabi

Which Hospital was this so we all know never to use them. Let's get the word out

@olivercuico it was at San Juan De Dios not PGH

I hope by the time i die it's instant. We already saw a glimpse of reality there.

My condolences :(

Brother, I'm sorry about what happened. I heard. It's truly terrible how the hospital can be selective in a situation like this.

I said earlier, if I was a doctor, i wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let somebody else die just because of rules.. You help out of the love of your heart!

Crazy stuff.. Just lets commemorate him for the person he was and the good he brought into your life. Talks soon.

Did what I could for now, once the additional information is added, I will try to do more as per our discussion.

Thanks @sammosk I'll get the additional information for you in the next day or so.

Thank you, I hate to be that guy who doesn't believe all the things, but with power comes responsibility, and I wish I could pull the trigger on further support but I have to follow my head and not my heart.

The second I see what I asked I will do all I can in my power to assist you.

I understand @sammosk no worries. Fraud is a very real problem, good on you for not taking it at face value. Will have it all for you tomorrow according to the widow.

Saw what I needed to see, will do all I can.

This happened in the Philippines??
I am going to try and see if anyone else in my group has seen this.
Greetings from your neighbouring country, Malaysia.
upvoted and resteemed
Deepest condolences to you and your sister's family.

Yes in Metro Manila the biggest city in the Philippines (population). Thank you for your support from Malaysia @littlenewthings

My powers are not strong and I can't spare that much votes; but I will try to get more people aware and help to vote for this post so that you have enough to cash out later @sasha.shade
Have you tried getting Steemit #teamphilippines to buy SBD from you directly? That could help speed up your funeral money collection.

Just to clarify

Your brother-in-law who just passed away, is your wife's brother, yes?

So sorry for your loss shade and sasha. I know the feeling of losing a family member especially when there was something that could have been done. We are extending our condolences to your family. God bless you all.

Thank you for your sympathies and prayers @deveerei

So sad to hear that about your brother and they way they treated him ... upvoted and resteemed

My condolences. That's the world we live in nowadays...

Thanks man. Hopefully together on Steemit we can change that as the platform continues to gain influence.

my condolences up-vote re-steemed.

thank u very much

I express my condolences to your family

100% vote, resteem, shared. It's a shame to humanity hearing about this stuff happening. In some countries you simply have to pay to be kept alive and a loss due to stupid unbelievable circumstances now can't be reversed.

thank you very much.

thank you very much.

@sasha.shade Very sorry to hear this, I sent a small contribution.

Thank you so much @overkillcoin much appreciated! Every little bit counts :)

Im so sorry for your loss


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Condolence to the family...

I am your follower, and i saw your posts. you are doing good:) @ronaldmcatee

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Sorry to hear about this, that is a really sad story because it sounds like it could have been easily prevented.

Thank you @azfix , I agree. If only we woke up earlier, or there was less traffic, or the hospital was not beyond corrupt, he'd still be with us. :-( Thank you for your support.

Sorry for your loss @sasha.shade

My deepest felt condolence to you and your family in this time. I lost my dad in 2012 in similar circumstances in South Africa. He had basic health coverage, but because of a corrupt government, our health services are hopelessly inefficient. God bless you all.

I belive , writing good content , is very important to engage followers .. :) @ronaldmcateer

Ohh... So sad... I'm sorry for him

Im so sorry for your loss. This is a heartbreaking story. May he rest in peace, and his spirit will live on in your thoughts and memories.

Sorry for your loss upvoted and resteemed !

Man, that's ridiculous. I'm so sorry for you and Haley's loss. 💔

If this happened to my brother I couldn't put to words how angry I would be. Money shouldn't outweigh anyone's life. I hope you go to the mainstream news about this injustice. If I was a lawyer in the philippines I'd do everything I could to sue that hospital and use them as an example to other hospitals who might consider doing this in the future.

Upvoted and Resteemed.

thank you very much for your concern. For now, there are a lot of problems going on But im hoping it'll be over soon. I thank all the steemit member that helped. I appreciated it very much.

I am so sorry to hear of this unfortunate tragedy. If only i had the words or resources. I am sending prayers and upvoted.
Best of luck.

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just transferred u my last SBD in my wallet , sorry for this is all i got, condolence to you and to the family

My condolences.

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please accept my condolence to your family. what a horrible thing that happened. being in the hospital, they should have at least treated him. MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT TO THIS HOSPITAL(SAN JUAN DE DIOS) THAN A HUMAN LIFE. what a shame.

The strong and patient person is the one who triumphs mnyasak feelings of sadness to others and always carves a smile with sincerity

Patience is the best friend in passing every trial that is present in our life ...

My deepest prayers and condolence to the family ..We have discuss this before at discord chatroom how bad the hospital / health care system in the country all they want is money..

Firstly I have to say that it is sad that a part of your family dies.

And then, I have to say that what happened to him would have not happened in Catalonia. Here hospitals take care of the ill people, wherever they come from. And then they ask people for money, if that is required.

I remark: Catalonia. It is not working the same in the other regions of Spain.

I miss so sorry to hear about your loss. May god comfort you in this time.

My sincere Condolences to you and to Athan family.

My deepest condolences to your family shade.I hope he's resting in peace.upvoted

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My Condolences to the family.

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you
& your family. Healthcare in the PH sucks. Our government should focus on health care. If this happened to me, I will go to the media and share this news. That hospital should closed!

upvoted and resteemed.

How morbid to make someone pay for oxygen. Just saying that sounds absolutely ridiculous. I am so sorry for your loss and pray that your family receives the aid you need and justice is received for your brother-in-law.

Upvoted and Resteemed.

Thank you very much for your support @nickwalshblog

Welcome to life and death in a third world country. Its a country that cant even provide oxygen to a dying person without them paying first.

My condolences.

Is there any way to take the hospital to court over this sort of treatment of a patient?

Unfortunately no not really, it's common practice here and for some reason the people as a whole tolerate it.

I want to know more, do you know i am your follower @ronaldmcatee

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