Who's Your Top 5? A Steemit Community Game

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So today I came up with a game for the whole community to play. It's called Top 5 and the goal is simple. Just list your Top 5 Steemit Users and one sentence about each. Then read the other comments made and find a new user to follow. To make it easier let's just consider each list un-ranked.


  1. Be sure to use the @ symbol and correct spelling of your chosen user.
  2. Use this format for each entry without the quotes "@username - 1 sentence about why he or she is in your Top 5"
  3. Each reply must contain 5 users no more no less.
  4. Have Fun!!


@craig-grant - I learn a lot from Craig he reminds me of one of my uncles.

@johalfiles - I've gotten great advice and support from Johal since I joined.

@jerrybanfield - Love the honesty and informative videos from Jerry if you can't learn from him your doing it wrong.

@trevonjb - Great vlogger he just quit his job for crypto and does a great Morgan Freeman.

@voiceofreason - Taught me about half of what I know about steemit and steem.

This is a great idea for many reasons! I'll give it a shot!

@papa-pepper - Great role model and proof that we can all change.

@girlbeforemirror - All around inspirational and kind. She loves birds! :)

@sandstorm - Drops nuclear wisdom bombs and has impeccable timing.

@breezin - Punny and wise and quite knowledgeable on many topics!

@kaylinart - Funny, clever, and artsy!

Thanks for playing.

@dragonslayer109 - Want to learn how to write better he's your guy.

@fortified - A good source for news and political articles.

@kaeptnkook - The first user I met on Steemit.

@pikto - He takes some of the best close up photos.

@uwelang - Another great Steemit photographer.

Thanks for playing

@outerground - great photography essays & really detailed writing
@outerground - prize winning poet of philosophical perspective
@outerground - most encouraging posts especially for NOOBs
@outerground - guaranteed to give you deep crytpo analysis & advice

sorry I cheated ! here's another list

@photo-trail - excellent curation of photography on steemit
@jamtaylor - excellent curation / steemitpics ! genius project
@cottonlazarus - GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY

oh that's one too many .. take away (nobody) !

thanks for playing

always love a good game ! even if I do sometimes break the rules, I do get involved :)

Thanks I wish more people would participate. Now following.

I'm following back.. (only cos' you're a doctor and I'm always in need of some medical advice ;) can you have a look at my knee ?

@drpuffnstuff - He was my first "steemit friend", very generous, all about community!

@fingersik - Runs Dungeons & Steem, my favorite steemit game!

@cryptomomma - The love of my life. The best thing that has ever happened to me

@surpassinggoogle - Founded #steemgigs, definitely on his way to whale-dom

@aggroed - Runs the Minnow Support Project. I have watched him climb his way to steemit fame!

Thanks for playing

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