10 Reasons as to why I use Steemit as a Platform to Post my Blogs

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In a nutshell ...

Steemit earned me enough to start my writing business- Admittingly, that was three years ago BUT I have every faith this could happen again. Yes, there are many other platforms out there, but for me, this one has been tried and tested and I am eternally grateful for the 7k I filed on my self-assessment forms for one year of blogging on Steemit.

I understand the economy has changed and the exchange rates etc is a fraction of the amount it was at the time, BUT I remember the rates being really low in the same year that it increased to $10 per Steemit dollar!

Sometimes things just happen when they are least expected, and I didn't expect that.

Not just about the money though ...

But it's not just the money aspect. What I found was a huge passion for writing and storytelling. I overcome my writing fears due to dyslexia, quitting school at 15, being made redundant and other general anxiety issues - by blogging every day and getting advice and feedback from other bloggers.

I did do a runner- but I do have a note ...

Now, I did disappear for a while from Steemit as the platform had unleashed the hidden writing monster and I started a degree in creative writing and philosophy, alongside writing a number of books. I'm starting to hit sales in as far as India, Australia and Germany now ... so I'm starting to see success from the hard work I have put in.

I'm now back, creating more content for other ventures.

So ... here are my 10 simple reasons for sticking with Steemit. My advice is don't overthink it, just write.

1 - It exercises your writing muscles
2- You can get feedback easily
3- Great way to make friends from anywhere in the world
4- You can earn money
5- It's great for SEO (Every time I search my name on google LOADS of old Steemit blogs pop up)
6- There are great articles to read (Some spammy- but you can ignore them)
7- You can explore different niches and trends
8- You can link your blogs to other social media sites
9- Personel recommendation from me (I know it works)
10- Steemit can be the start of your business (See www.sarahewaring.com to see where it took me)

Thanks for reading. If you would like to become my Steemit buddy, please comment. I enjoy writing about fiction, philosophical topics, colour therapy, tarot and law of attraction.

Have a great day.


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