As a minnow do you really enjoy whales-fight on steem blockchain?

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No I don't.

Whales are one of the most important members of steem community. They are the face of the platform. Whatever they do, the way they do reflects how this amazing platform is being perceived.

Now we have to understand that all this users are passionate people and have their own thoughts and opinions as how this platform should work. When such devoted people are working together, sparks are sure to fly as it happens in every walks of life.

Main point of debate among the whale community is the use of bots. On a personal note I think this platform should get rid of bid bots and promote manual curation. This will not only increase human interaction but also will give rise to more communities within the platform with variety of personal interests.

Right now what is happening is that people are misusing power of bots and their own whale steem power to promote even shit posts resulting in the reward pool abuse.

But everybody do have the freedom to utilise this blockchain system as they feel good. So it becomes everyone's responsibility that good ethics are maintained and good content are appropriately rewarded

As for all the whales I suggest you to support newcomers as much as you can because minnows are the ones which will help the steem platform to grow in future. Flagging someone just because of a one liner insult will reduce your resource credits which can be used to boost a good content producer.


I agree with you, I don't like the bots. I'm still learning Steemit, and when I first joined, I would go on the trending and see these articles making hundreds of dollars and I would click on them and they wouldn't be that good, misspelling, bad grammar, and after some investigation I realized what was happening, they were using bots and you have to dig deep in the trending to find good articles, and I wonder if anyone actually reads those articles. I hardly ever go to the trending anymore, its always the same few people, I just stay on my feed. I think if they got rid of the bots, people better skilled at creating articles would get the attention they deserve. I have ran across some dam good writers on Steemit and barley make pennies.
Good article, I agree manual curation is the way to go.

There are many deserving writers on steemit with good work ethics who hardly make a dollar on each post.And many are so passionately involved that the the earnings they make have become secondary to them.

Although many great steemians have left the platform after the crypto crash which included some of the best travel as well as creative writers. So if the usage of bid bots keep on increasing and writers keep on leaving we would eventually fail to attract more investors due to very low quality and less content.

Hope to see more of your works on the blockchain.

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