Suggest Me - What Should I Do With SBD???

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Hello friends & Steemers
I'm confused because of SBD....
I want to know shall i collect SBD or sell or transfer recently in this days
i earned $11 apprx..
and i withdrew all the amount
but after that i can see some changes as when i was upvoting someone's post then it was showing $0.01 beside the upvote sign
But when i made withdrawl again it had become same as it was $0.00
you can see below
please all of my friends and followers please support me and tell me what should i do ?
Also if you like please download.png and download (1).png me
resteem too...

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Thanks for upvoting me...

Indeed, Steemit smartmoney is difficult, to say the least. I even see veteran steemians make incorrect statments every day which only makes it harder to understand because you have to unlearn it.

To answer your question, do everything with SBD that you can and keep some on hand for a rainy day.

Each individual has their own take on money. Overall, my recommendation for you, since there is not a great deal of money at stake, is to practice using cryptocurrency yourself. IMO that is the best way to learn. Do all the different things you can do with it. Change SBD into steem. Power up. Get a savings account. Trade a little SBD for steem and vice versa on the in-house exchange, just to see what it is like etc.

If you get comfortable with it, you could even get an account at Bittrex and send steem back and forth to Learn how to use the "memo" text box. Be careful! It's easy to make mistakes and lose you money forever, but that's why you practice with small amounts until you get confident. Unbless, you are a currency genius, it takes time to learn, but you are learning the skills that will benefit you in the future world of blockchain and crypto.


thank you veruy much i' will follow it


i can increase steem power by transfering sbd to steem right??


i can increase steem power by transfering sbd to steem right

Your statement is incorrect because "steem" and "steem power" are really 2 different things. You could, however, convert your SBD to steem and then "power up" the steem to get "steem power". Going directly from SBD to "steem power" is not possible, as far as I know.

"Steem" it different from "steem power" and "SBD" is a third currency. You can buy "steem power" one-for-one with steem. it is called powering up. Furthermore, you can buy "steem" with SBD at the going rate, but you can't "power up" SBD or buy "steem power" directly with SBD.

The diagram below depicts what can be converted to what. The Internal Market is where you can trade steem for SBD and vice versa, but "steem power" has nothing to do with the Internal market.

I hope this helped.

*FYI as you go deeper, there are also "vests", but that adds another level of complexity which you probably don't need to know now, so I won't go into that, but if you hear about them you will not be totally blindsided. You can function perfectly without worrying about vests.


yeah !!! i got it..... thank you so much

I am selling SBD for Steem because the price of Steem will go up.


it means i should transfer sbt to steem right??

I'm currently in the same predicament.
Currently all the and I've made till now is sitting in Bitcoins. Im thinking of buying a new camera for photography but not quite sure yet.
Cheers and hope you find a wise investment friend.


cool but what should i do ??


Well that depends... Do you want to spend it or invest it?
If you want to invest it collect 100 and and transfer to Bitcoins and watch it grow
If you wanna buy something check out what or Amazon and see how it goes.
Otherwise just cash it out and buy some stuff physically.


that's great but how my steem power will grow up then is there any attachment with sbd?? m new here so don't know much about it!!!@@@

I keep my curation on 100% power up
So don't know much




Set up what, if you refer to power up 100% then you write a post you will see somewhere near the post button, curation default with is decline, then 50%50% and 100% choose the one that suits you
When you get sbd you go to market, click the grid on the right screen and scroll to market and sell sbd for steem
After that you return go in to your wallet and click on steem and power up
Hope it helps


i will follow it anyways thank you very much

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