Blessed morning to all of you steemit community!!!!

in #steemit7 years ago (edited)

Greetings from the land of beautiful country PHILIPPINES!!!!
My family is a proud member of #teamphilippines
on the leftside is my sister in law @babyehm and @haleyaerith
my relative @acporal ,and its me at the center. the small but terrible @sandaraclark hehe!!
and on the right side is my brother in law @sasha.shade and @olivercuico

Im seeing a lot of good article even from new users but no one seems to recognize their contribution to steemit community. I encourage all of you to give credit to all good or simple articles created by newbies to give them a chance to prove themselves they belong to steemit community. Im very happy because here in steemit we can give help to other people who are in need of anything in life and I have seen some already gave their big help especially regarding medical problems of members..I just hope that we are posting everything true and worthy of our prescious time and attention..


Happy steeming and have a nice day!!!!


Very nice pictures. UpVoted and Resteemed!

Thank you @oceancoinz..i love you poem

create a blog so i can give you u.r.r too hehe!!!

You always have such a positive attitude and that's great! :)

thank you @overkillcoin ..glad to meet positive people like you too :)

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