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NO BOTS, NO BIDDING, NO STEEM POWER. Just plain, simple and transparent voting process like the Pulitzer, Nobel or Writers' Guild Awards.

I think its fair to say that the present upvote algorithm does not bode well for the majority if Steemians. It's good and it pays but the pay structure heavily favors the "powered up" and more importantly. it's not incentivizing the large majority of users who happen to be minnows. We need more than just upvotes and bot bids to make this community striving and growing for the long haul.

What Can We Do Better?

I call it the Steem Prize (someone could conjure a better name for this) - the Writers' Guild Award, Pulitzer or Nobel Prize for Steemians. The idea is to carefully search for that high quality, well-written posts which “produced the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.” This award should be is given to those who spent a considerable amount of time researching and writing the post that has inspired readers and influenced the Steemit ecosystem in a positive way. The PRIZE should be well worth the work: 500 Steem for one winning post each month.

Make it as creative and enticing as possible. Something that Steemians would look forward to every month. And no entry fees, please!

How Will Steemit & Steemians Benefit?

I'll use the analogy of a full-time employee who receives both fixed amount of wages each month and an incentive bonus. The salary is equivalent to the steem and steem dollars received through upvotes while the incentive bonus is the Steemit Prize.

Moving from being a minnow to a dolphin and eventually, a whale is hard. Just like every graduate who starts from the bottom of the corporate ladder and move up as he/she gain more experience and improve her/his performance, Steemians, first start as minnows. The corporate world isn't fair. It's filled with unfair practices to career advancement and promotions. Discrimination, office politics, personality conflicts, leadership style mismatch, cultural preferences etc. are but few of them. Regardless of where you are and what you do, you need to understand the rules of the game and navigate your way through them if you want to succeed. You need to understand how decisions made and who makes them, be savvy about political and group affiliations and maneuver yourself through these challenges to win that covet corner office. Equally important is to spot opportunities with the eye of an eagle and chase them like a lion hunting its prey.

The Steemit Prize will give each Steemian - minnow, dolphin or whale - equal opportunity to shine.

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I think this post is very useful for people who like to read, a lot of information that gives motivation especially for me personally who just knew steemit. even i like to imitate your writing style. @sandalphon I have followed your blog and I voted it


Why would you imitate someone's writing style? Doesn't that border on plagiarism if you're purposefully doing it?


Imitation can be used in the early stages of a learning process, whereas plagiarism involves copying/claiming someone else's ideas or work as your own. Inspiration vs false invention.

One may imitate a style they admire until they gain the experience to evolve it into their own. Fashion, computer programming, movies, methods of speaking and writing are areas where you can see this.


I'm glad that you like my writing style @donoho. I'm just discovering this deep writing fascination that I never knew existed within me. Enjoying it so far! Wish you luck!


thank you friends, good people are people who benefit others. so what's wrong if we share among fellow human beings. once again I say thank you very much


@donoho I agree with your opinion, your best we may be one thought, because the more we see the example of one's experience then our insights and insights widened. thanks friends for the motivation


@efleda you know? I will not copy and paste, I am just amazed with the contents of his paper, keep in mind that I like neatness in writing either typing or handwriting, I am not plagiarism. thanks for the advice

awesome idea :)


All right, I agree with you @javybar

I love this idea. This will encourage more people to post quality posts.

no steem power? Then Steem as a currency will fall.. no one would want to keep their Steem and hold it as Steem Power.. then there won't be any demand for Steem.. Steem who has a current value of $1.60 won't have anyone to buy it even for $0.016

And full time authority and hire people to do governance? the reason why cryptocurrency works won't have its core function anymore..

Who the hell will be in-charge then? It's true Steemit Inc has majority of Steem on their hold but again it's not one central party who gets to decide how much shall be rewarded to whom...

The present method also brings outside investment.. many have bought Steem using their own money..

Let's see.. you can't mine any cryptocurrency for free.. can you? For those coins with Proof of Work one needs to invest on hardware and also pay big electricity bills..

So what you have proposed will not only result in the fall of Steem Price.. but also will make things go in a different direction.. One user gives their Steem to exchanges for another currency and that same Steem is sold to someone else who wants to Power Up.. if the Steem Power option is eliminated.. then only a fool would buy Steem from exchanges.. if that happens forget 500 Steem for well researched posts.. even 5000 Steem won't have value of $1

PS: excuse my English but I hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to explain here

would make sense but seems like its not going to happen


Of course it will not happen,

And much probably change the curation rewards from 75/25% to 50/50%

Coz this incentives came from the investors also which has more influence than the non investors!
If there were no investors, who will give incentives?


I don't even kow how to contact the support to tell them about this change that we want, do you know how to contact them ? is there an email or chat or something ?


Hah you wish ;)


I feel the same way too. Great vision but only a wishful thinking. Where do the money come from? From whales? Smfh, forget about it.

We need private messaging!! Like every other social media platform out there... steemit needs to make their platform socially attractive... right now we are all just here to make money rather than to connect..


I agree, the next step for us as a community is to forget about the money and turn this into a reddit of sorts. The money is jus why it is better than reddit ;)


Exactly right! Need to draw in those talkative creative types aha




yes they really need it!


No, I'm not, which is why I want messaging!
On the same site, like Facebook and Fb messenger!

Thanks for taking your time to write your suggestion but honestly, I am not in favor of the idea.

I don't want to see people competing for just 500 Steem. To be honest, trending authors can make 200+ Steem (or 100% SP), they can get to as high as 500+ Steem if their post is good enough. And curators are doing their job so nicely nowadays.

And if you now suggest the weekly competition, then I would like to bring it into your knowledge that @steemvoter used to pick a winner and award the author with votes worth of $200+ on daily/weekly basis (Before HF19, the awards used to be $500 to $1,000). So, the system is already tested.

Self-upvoted to make my comment more visible :)

This is not how a blockchain works! STEEM is a DPoS based blockchain where who have the highest stakes, have the highest power to contribute to the blockchain.

Even STEEM has some values of $1 or $2, because those whales or dolphins and minnows bought the coins from the market place. The whole thing of selection is another aspect of argument who are the committee (Noble selection committee) and how to select them, in case of STEEM blockchain, it is STEEM stakeholders. Also, selecting a top quality content is always limited by human biases which will always be hard to overcome. At least, in Steemit people are proposing alternatives and developers are working hard to implement them.

For starters, whatever the idea is, it has to be implementable within the codes, for example, 7 days voting period is here for a reason. Therefore, the proposal may sound very intelligent, but in code sense, it is very vogue!


Definitely makes sense. And those who have reinvested their STEEM back into STEEM deserves a bigger say...


why do they deserve a bigger say exactly ?

There are many Author sites out there for Authors to use, and outside of Authors, they don't get a lot of traffic.

Social media is more than writing ability. Not a fan of the idea, but then I am not a great writer nor do I desire or aspire to be one. When I first joinned SteemIt was on a "Quality" phase and every article to me read like some English 101 essay.

Not sure what the ideal direction would be, but I suspect if you asked 50 users you would get 50 answers.

I like crypto, bots, bids and such. I didn't mind churning my way slowly for 18 months. I just let the account slowly build. I added a bit of money here and there, but not a lot. I don't mind the path we are on. As long as traffic continues to grow, I feel we are on the right path.

I do acknowledge it would be nice if we had more distribution. Seeing the same old payouts to the same old people each day can get a little boring.

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In Germany we would call it: ''Wunschdenken'' ...

yes it will be good if we will have a salary here, I am posting everyday on steemit and recieve those money just for 7 days, but the post stay here forever and I will not be able to recieve anything anymore.


I think making some sort of change to this 7 day thing would be benificial. Can a posts true value be seen in only 7 short days? On one hand its nice to get a quick payout, but for those in for the long term benifits, it would be nice to be able to still make money on content created before.


repost every few months


you can repost your old posts every few months.....

just sayin'....especially if steemit is growing and attracting a lot more new users.

I like the idea behind steem power. It rewards those who care about the site and have put in their time.

Yes, you can buy it and thats the flaw I see. I think the only way you should be able to buy power, is with money "earned".

Just my opinion.


Well if the option for buying steem power is removed then the site will have one less option to earn some money. Instead your idea can be added to the system. As two options to buy steem power. Either by real money or by earned money.



I think I agree with @namanvashishth12, @sandalphon. Your idea for a Pullitzer Prize could be a nice addition to the current system.


Thanks @hatsekidee @namanvashishth. The more options we have the better, especially that the Steemit community is growing.

Actually your posts full of motivation informations thank you so much for sharing I will resteem everything you post dear @sandalphon


Thanks #askmee for resteeming. Would not hurt if this suggestion gets to Steemit management's radar for consideration.

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I like the way you're thinking!
(no, it isn't real... I found it on the ground in Cambodia, during Chinese New Year...)

How are you imagining paying for the prize? Who would do the selection? How would the effort of finding the best stuff be rewarded? I like the idea of what you're proposing, but it seems like you need some details worked out.


Steemit management should pick 5 to 7 non-Steemian judges. There are lots of Steem being mined and distributed everyday. Steemit could spare some for the prize. - just for starter and maybe other Steemians can improve upon.


The blockchain?

Kreatif dan menarik sekali ulasan ini. Good job brother

Steem power is a cool idea but it does seem to lock up your funds.

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Great idea @sandalphon ! Thank you for sharing this. Resteemed.


Thanks for resteeming @leahlei. hopefully, this post gets the attention of Steemit management and do some positive things out of it.

It's sometimes disappointing because even though the platform is so new, it almost seems like its too late for us new comers even though the platform is still in its beta phase as all those who are on top get all the popularity and is almost always the same people trending. I won't want to resort to utilizing bots to gain recognition but the sad truth is works :/ . Also I do like the idea of Steem Power as it promotes the idea that long time account investors have the influence no matter what, but if a new comer comes in with and cashes in on a lot of steempower, it kinda just slaps users who have been here longer in the face. I don't know theres still a lot for me to learn. Trying t rise up the honest way without adding to the common toxicity of the

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Hello, I am on steemit more than 3 months, and I was posting almost everyday and sharing the link on reddit, who knows why there is no activity there in the steemit subreddit ? not even one comment, no thing. Will this flair help me to have some activity on my shared posts there ? On facebook there is much better activity !

What about ordering a statestician, scientist, economist or similiar to create a system that they can prove is going to distribute the rewards fairly. They probably have a lot of relevant experience.

I agree with this idea. I think there are other systemic changes that need to be made to even the playing field, and I am sure such an ingenious group of people as us steemians will figure it out. However this award could be a good step, especially for minnows such as myself who write insightful posts and don't see much reward! Steem on!

PULITZER PRIZE for Steemians. three times I read but I have not been able to conclude this post. I am indeed low iq



I hope something like this works out, @sandalphon, as it can be demoralizing posting and not being heard - despite our years of experience, quality of our work or the time that we spend, here.

For example, even though there is little money in poetry (outside Steemit, too, in the real world) I've stuck by it for over 2 decades & through 7 books.

Just last week, I was nominated for my 3rd Pushcart Prize. I've not won one, yet, but just the recognition and encouragement help to keep me going...


congratulations on your nomination to the Pushcart Prize @yahialababidi. This is great.


Many thanks, @Sandalphon. I wish you success with what you value image

This is good in favors or the minnows, redfish but not in the investors!

So, basically this will not work!
Who will give incentives if there were no investors,

And because steemit needs more investor, this may lead to change the curation rewards into equal, from 75/25% to 50/50 that will favors to the investors and whales!


The minnows are the steem within ...


Only minnows and redfish will aggree to this idea and thats the truth!

Ask the investor?
They want to change the curation to 50/50% from current 75/25% rewards system!

See the difference, check @blocktrades blog for more and you will understand!

The more sp you have or invested in it , the more influence you get!
Thats the reality in steemit!

It makes sense,and i think it will work.About dm,
Yes,private message should come to steemit as other social media platforms.Thats how steemit gets better

I will pay a steemer to give me some tech support. I joined a year ago not understanding the importance of the crypto and the password to this platform. Ahem. I tried to change the password and really messed things up AFTER I transferred 60 bucks to my account, powered up and started posting and replying and enjoying Steemit. Is there tech support? Anybody? I got several friends into Steemit and a couple have had the same issue. Thanks.


Your comment makes no sense and appears to be spam when compared to the context of the post. Reply back with what your problem is with detail and someone will be able to help you.

O Prêmio Steem realmente é sensacional, porém o steemit poderia criar uma página de mais facil acesso para o usuário, para que pudessemos pegar todo o tipo de público e desta forma conseguiremos ultrapassar o facebook e outros como uma flecha. Porque aqui no BRAZIL as pessoas com certeza irão usar steemit, pois serão recompensadas para isso. Por isso acho q essa página deve ser um pouco facilitada


Também acho e muito complicado e trava o celular toda hora!

Good idea. It will motivate us minnows. I hope this will be implemented, because for sure there will be a lot Steemians who will be looking forward to this monthly ☺️

Never going to happen. The ecosystem here is too full of bots and ghost accounts to get any real interaction for a decent prize.

There are a lot of steemit contest and prizes, the more the better... :)

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Pretty great stuff. Thank you for posting this.

Well written and on point post as the methods of voting seem to have become stumbling blocks for Steem even though well intentioned. Steem is a social site and, in my mind, that means interaction one with the other. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

well this is good keep it up

Harsh language used here. Upvoting my comment to $0.01 to make it seen, I will remove my upvote in 5 days.

No offense but you ruin your point by buying and bidding on votes to increase your payout. As well, I have to question the tags? This does have to do with steemit but I can barely see the merit for story, life or art and blog is iffy (meaning this post looks like tag spam)

Everyone has problems with how the current system works because they are not making as much as they feel they should when others write half assed posts like this one here making 200+ Steem. There will never be what is considered a "best" version of the reward pool, and simply going to state it but given the amount of growth that steemit is receiving, it would be an impossible task to look at, read, justify, and rate every single post over a week (let along month) for single rewards. The other way to do it is the posts with the most votes which supports content with the most followers, not the best content. No matter how you do it, and all the bitching you will get, the current system is pretty fucking great for what it is used for. The problem isn't the system but a bunch of entitled users that believe that their posts should be worth more and then they bitch about simple flags as if someone had come into their home and raped them (I am not joking, read some of those posts and tell me otherwise) so why would anyone change the system when the current system somewhat works? Either way, if we change the system there will still be those whom game the system and benefit and those that get upset and feel the system is oppressing them because... god, if they are a women then the patriarchy, a male then matriarchy, a black person then racism, a jewish person then antisemitism... I can continue with a never ending list.

The truth is the system will always have flaws and someone will always lose. Nothing is perfect. Its better to look at a system and try to slightly modify it to prevent major exploitation than it is to do an entire overhaul of it. Let the system evolve on its own. But that is just my opinion

Seneca --I love him. Great Roman writer who I could not do without.

LOL "conjure" a better name I could! How about Steemit Academy Awards? I don't know, sounds wrong to associate the Nobel prize with this idea. xD Cheers!


Steemit Academy Awards sounds nice too.


Aye... Steemit Golden Carpet Awards?


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Would really love that. Such prizes no matter how small would be worn as a badge of honour

steemit should be available in many more languages to use like facebook and many other social networks


please add Marathi language to use steemit

thank for this great post you keep us in Uganda motivated

@sandalphon just made an easy $200, suggesting to improve steemit. Just great, not matter what anyone says you got something back atleast.

May be I should just start doing the same. ;)).

Here's my thoughts on it anyway:

Facebooks been great but Steemit Rocks
Blockchain Will Change Everything

Great post. I’m new to steemit and I am all but clueless, but I’ve made my first post and I would love some feedback!!

thanks very much, i appreciate it hugely!

I'm quite new to this platform and I'm still not sure I understand it that well, but this sounds like something that can have great effect. I constantly see high quality content earning very little and low quality content that is almost spam earning serious sums of money. So anything that will help and reward good content sounds great to me.

Many learning posts , This post will increase our talent , Many thanks to you for such a post

This post has received gratitude of 36.13 % from @appreciator thanks to: @sandalphon.

Brilliant You are a genius!!

I know there is a public opinion against cencorship, but i think if the articles were to be 'moderated' by a nominated party (or those who maintain steemit) rather than a complete censor, as to promote articles that provide intuition, knowledge and a benefit to those reading the article.

I agree.. And its a matter of how do you keep and grow the community and motivate people to use the platform, when the only people that actually earn something are very few. New steemians earn nothing, so what sort of motivation do you give them in order to stay? The hope that one day a whale will notice them and give them a like? This is not healthy at all.

I support this idea. Nice one

I think that idea is good that there have to be many things for minnows to be supported and to make people who create value for the community to be valued as well. But I agree most Steemians who commented that creating the Award like this would create more questions for minnows and many of them may think that it is for just few people. Also, it would be hard for juries to read all of the posts to vote them.

I agree @xyz666 for making private messaging enable on Steemit. It would create better relationships and I want to add that creating Co-authoring and Groups would also make good possibilities for minnows who want to create better posts and develop on Steemit.

Well that is useful. Great work team steemit.

I disagree with you. Every network has is own properties so let it be what it is.

Something that would make the community take off is:


Like the groups on facebook where anyone can do one and start gathering people related to a particular topic such as technologies, movies, etc., this will encourage the community to interact more with each other and learn more about the posts that are being published by others, and it would be more dynamic and friendly.
Really this option of groups is something that is urgently needed!

This post is great.
How to maneuver through the world of unfairness.

Yes, the idea is very good. But in a large media like Steemit, is it possible? Specially "NO BOTS, NO BIDDING, NO STEEM POWER. Just plain, simple and transparent voting process".

Sure, corporate culture doesn't suit for your noble idea but there should be very perfect plan and monitoring system to do that.

Thought coming itself is appreciable. It surely gets good suggestions and senior selfless Steemians shall through suggestions.

good idea, keep building concrete step..

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thanks @bitgeek for the info.

well to be in the league, one has to be prepared mentally, physically, and otherwise. The door is open for anyone.

Great article! Thanks!

Yes! It'll be amazing, if we'll get a salary here. I'm posting 6-7 articles everyday on Steemit & receive those money just for 7 days. But the post stays forever & I won't be able to receive anything anymore.

Thanku so much for your hard work on this amazing interesting post. I really appreciate you @sandalphon. Keep up the hard work and give us more more information about Steemit. This gives em motivation alot. :) Thanks again


thanks @hunzlakhan for the feedback.

Agreed! Content should be the king. Good content should get good rewards.

Yes. But who is gonna decide on the quality of the content?

NO BOTS. They don't add any value right now. They could but they are not.

steem neden yükselmiyor minig yapıldıgı icin evet ama yakın zamanda yükselmesini bekliyorum steem almak karlı olabilir

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I like this post .this post is very informative Now i follow your blog and voted it.

I think this post very useful.i like post.

We need private messaging

This is really a good idea. There can also be various different badges for various different awards, which will give the writers an aim and will also give the readers a good sign.

Such an idea is great, however it would most likely require the support of a whale; who would need to then be convinced that they would somehow benefit from making the necessary investments. Boosting overall post quality may improve Steemit as a whole; therefore I hope that at least one whale will back such a plan and make it come to life.

wow! excellent analysis, a tip that can be very useful to the community

Very good post.
You inspired me, I hope I have also succsess like you in future with my movietrailer blog.😀

Great idea! I like it! We could even make "team" that will give some donations with prize.. Also we could make daily/weekly/monthly contensts.. Great post! I would appreciate if you could check out my profile :)

But actually, this type of action would be very difficult to organize. At least for the Steemit Administrators. I mean, the idea of Steem is rather simple. The people upvote the post ant then the author gets money. That's it. Nobody needs to interfere. But your proposition requires something more. Somebody would have to read all the post, somebody would have to assess them. It means that Steemit would have to hire more people. In addition, I'm pretty sure that Steemians would start to complaining and saying that their post were assessed unfairly. The way it is now, it's more clear. I'm not saying that your idea is bad. I just think that it requires a little bit of polishing.

This would totally change some lives here in steemit, mine included!! I love to write but I have to admit that I'm surrounded by talented people and awesome souls that leave that on some paragraphs.

Looking forward to see this project moving on and if you need any kind of help just let me know, I'm just a minnow but we can figure out how to work and help :)


thanks @jokossita. will keep you in mind in case we get the ears of Steemit Management on this initiative.

I don't like the current system, nor this proposed system.

The basic issue, obviously, is consolidating the tension between the want to be social and socialize, and that of making money. The making money part is what enables the social platform to exist, but it also gets in the way of being social.

I don't have a different solution right now.
I'm just frustrated and talking about it.

I want to make my own site that's completely focused on functionality, regardless of anything else, and I think profit would come to that inevitably, but it would also mean that it couldn't get started up without the torrent-style of sharing.

I'm noticing something I really don't like about stage.steemit...
You can't see a preview of your comments, so I don't know if the hyperlink is working properly until I post this.


Holy smokes the "age" thing doesn't work at all!
I had to Ctrl+F to find my post-comment!

What if you can arrange 1 group who's always vote each other. In this way they can make simple money just by voting on each post even it isn't interesting or something. Or is this already going on?

@sandalphon sen bir harikasin dostum muthis bir post. Gecen gun @bahadirk ile ayni konuyu konustuk.tam uzerine denk gelmis olmasi cok iyi oldu. Gerci senin postlarin hep cikiyor karsima bu da nkadar kaliteli iş yaptigini gosteriyor. Seni @bahadirk ve @ebruaydogdu ya da tavsiye ettim.kesin okumalari takip etmeleri yonunde.
Basarilarinin devamini dilerim . Sahsen seni yakinen takipteyim.
Tesekkurler dostum iyi postlarin olsun hep

Nice idea. What do you think there could be done to improve the Steem farm situation? Do you have other ideas than I proposed in my blog post?

great idea it should be looked into

Woah yo , the payback is a beautiful concept. I wish to add a donation feature, toward partnered no-fund companies. People can give a percentage toward a cause. This could be natural relief, or terror attacks. Also, adding local pictures to posts is quite a nuisance.

Love the drive to be better!

That's actually a really good ideah though!

I resteemed this, because even though I haven't been here long I've noticed this is less a meritocracy and more a plutocracy.

I'm a professional artist since more than 30 years, also a workaholic, so I work a lot, even in my spare time. I have around 15,000 followers on a couple different pages on FB, 7000 on ArtStation, I've been on DeviantArt for 11 years, CGTalk for longer. You can google my name and check out my images. :)
I post here, I get a few cents, I search Trending Art and see mostly mediocre amateur stuff that keeps getting 100$ or more. Nothing bad about mediocre amateur art, mind you.

At first I couldn't understand the discrepancy, then I realized the system is easy to game for coders and/or rich people. I'm neither, so there it is. Some kind of non-gameable merit system in conjunction to the existing one would be good imo.

I like the idea, but... How will you find those rare great articles if the publishers post is not in the trending or at least hot category. The amount of post every hour is staggering so you can not expect to be able to fairly judge all posters.

All in all I think the current system is pretty good. If you go look at the trending page most of the posts are quite high quality, comparing to most posts which are honestly pretty garbage.

But the system can definitly upgraded I just dont think this is a feasible idea.

actually i don't know how the minnow ,dolphin and whale are works

If you are doing something for a reward, you are probably doing it wrong. Steemit just needs more people. I find it that most of the blogs I see in my feed or on trending/new/hot/promoted pages are uninteresting. Sometimes I find more interesting content on my Facebook feed than here, but I think this is mostly due to me not following right users or there is just not enough people with similiar interests. Maybe what steemit needs is another section that sorts the blogs by "views" or "retension time" or something I don't know but as it is I don't spend too much time on here.


Please don't SPAM... take a look in this before hurting your reputation.


Please don't SPAM... take a look in this before hurting your reputation.