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RE: @samstonehill has been hacked & cannot be re-accessed. How did this happen & what are the solutions?

in #steemit4 years ago

Thanks so much for looking into this and sharing what you have learned! Kinda funny to use Ned Scott City as the name. Not so funny what they are up to. But we will get them off this platform one way or another.


Thanks again for your support :)


I did what I could so far. I have reported the phishing website to godaddy's team support. They have a section where people can reports about this kind of websites.
In other news, some weeks ago I have installed this tool ethaddresslookup I use it to check ethereum addresses but just now I've realised that it works also, for phishing websites. As I have it within my Chrome Browser, as soon as I tried to look at this "hacker" website shows me a warning, so I recommend you try this kind of tools too.


I will do my best in order to help with this.

By the way I could notice a "downvote" on the answer you just gave me. This account: @accounttransfers gives you a downvote. If you check its transfer section you can see how this account is "hacking people too"
So let's stay away of this website too: LSTEEMIT.COM looks like they are part of the same robbing organisations.