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I was blessed last night to speak to a room full of enthusiastic people at my 1st public presentation which was streamed live through YouTube.

There were 25 people at the meeting and 37 people watched the live stream. So, I am very happy that a total of 62 people were yesterday present with me to hear what I had to say on this vast and wonderful subject which is poised to change the lives of so many around the world.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 01.24.56.png

It is possible to watch the recorded YouTube LIVE feed but the image & sound quality are poor, and shot from one angle only. So I wouldn't recommend this unless you are particularly keen to watch it immediately.

The Solution

I am in the process of editing a multi camera version with better audio and video which will be released in the next few days through the @samstonehill and @steemtutorials accounts.


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What did we achieve during Bali's first Steemit meetup?

Below I have summarised some of the feed-back from the group:

  • Gratitude for a much more solid understanding of the mechanics of Steemit

  • Excitement to be part of this new Steemit community which has been born here in Bali

  • Happy to be part of a growing digital community which has actually had the chance to meet in the flesh!

  • All involved were excited to get started asap

banner 2.jpg

What did people seem most interested in?

  • How much money can be made!

  • Advantages of building their own projects using the Steem blockchain

  • Fundraising project potential through Steemit

  • Capitalising on the Guild involvement - and creation of new guilds

  • How to gain further assistance in moving quickly up the ranks

To answer this last question clearly...

I will tomorrow be releasing the link to a website which outlines what I can offer you. After one year of experience on this platform, my assistance will benefit any newcomer enormously. As a beta platform, Steemit does not yet have the simple functionality of Facebook. And assistance is required to avoid spending hours at your machine doing research.

As an example of someone I have helped recently @baligirl (the daughter of a friend from our local village) who is just 16 years old was able with her very first post to earn over $120, which for the locals here in Bali equates to the average wage for an entire month of work.

Now it is only a question of time before her entire village are using Steemit.


What comes next for me...

Aside from the numerous projects in development here at Bali Steemit HQ, there will be a full day of Steemit training at Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood leading on from yesterday's talk, dedicated to expanding your ability to optimise your posts and maximise your potential on Steemit.

TP steemit day banner.jpg

For those of you who are unable to make it to Bali, make sure you keep following my account and look out for the website which will clearly explain how it is I can help you rise quickly up the ranks, capitalising on this unique moment in history when social media merged with cryptocurrency.

And remember...

I can help you, no matter where you are in the world.

On a final note

I am stunned and deeply grateful to @russmaier who created this huge & wonderful installation of 600 bottles filled with coloured water (also seen at the top of this post), providing the perfect finale for those of us who wanted to continue talking after the meet-up.


Thanks to him STEEMIT has been placed firmly on the Bali map!

Russell wrote his intro post today, so please show your support by upvoting and following him to see more of his creative talent and eco driven passions:

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This looks like an awesome event, I'm glad everyone had so much fun and it turned out so great!
Props to you @samstonehill for bringing the Bali steemit community together. I'd love to visit at some point in the future.

And by the way, the steemit logo made from bottles is awesome!


Thank you my friend for your 100% vote . It is an honour and a pleasure to have your support :)

And please do come visit any time you like! There is a room with your name on it waiting for you in our jungle community ;)


Hey @sirwinchester, glad to hear you like the Steemit bottle sign-- that's my creation. :-) We'll be sure to show you around when you make it to Bali. @Samstonehill the sign is up for the week it looks like, feel free to stop by and get some daylight photos!


Thanks Russ. I will do that for sure!

Fantastico! =)


Merci :)

Enjoyed your post and well done for being the first steemit meet up in Bali,great project you've got going I can't wait to see the finished version of your presentation.Best of luck with your project in the future and don't forget to keep us all updated.Thanks for sharing.


Thanks very much for following the action on this little island :)

I very much apprecaite your comment and interest in the final presentation.

Working on it as fast as I can...

All the best to you :)

awesome Sam, gonna wait for the edited version...


Good idea. It will be much clearer...

Hope all is good for you :)



Thanks ;)

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steemit in bali? sweeet!:)

what an amazing place to hold the event too!I can't wait to see the digitally remastered version of the meet up! 😉

Fantastic event @samstonehill:) congratulations!!!

Found this post in the fb group. I'm so inspired. I hope to have a meetup in Bangkok and it's great to see your success. Upvoted :)