Five Recent Internet Scams To Watch Out For

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Five Recent Internet Scams To Watch Out For

(ONE) The Paypal "Verification Required" | Phishing Scam

There is an email out there from an attacker that uses an email claiming to be to be from PayPal. It claims that your Paypal account has been constrained due to multiple security issues and you must click a “Remove Limitation” button to address the issues.

If you hit the “Remove Limitations” button, you will be taken to a bogus website that has been created to imitate a authentic PayPal login page. The page will then request you to login with your PayPal email address and password. After logging into the fake website, you will be directed to another form that will ask you to verify your account by supplying your credit card number and other identifying information.

After submitting the requested info, you will get a final message claiming that you have triumphantly removed the account limitations. And that's where they got you.

If you receive one of these emails, do not click on any links or open any attachments. I don't care how curious you are!

(TWO) One Million of Pounds Of Rat Meat Disguised As Chicken Wings | Fake-News Report

There is a very weird report going around. Have you receive it yet? It claims that the FDA has found a million pounds of rat meat located at the Port of San Francisco. Which was destined to be sold as chicken wings across the US.

Perhaps it was from the professor in Pokemon go. Those damn rattata's are everywhere! haha j/k

All kidding aside, this is a bogus claim as the FDA has made no such discovery. This dumb claim comes from a “Healthy Advice” website that produces stupid alternative health and diet articles. The false rat meat story is likely just an attempt to gain more site visitors.

Always verify reports you see on the web. Especially if you find it on Facebook. That place is crazy!

(THREE) Emails with a subject line that reads "Photo" | Email Scam

As someone who takes photos this email would entice me to click. DON'T DO IT, I tell myself as I ponder the idea that it might be an award winning photo and someone is sharing with me so that I can make some money! Or maybe it's from Snowden and my email was the only one he could locate instantly and anonymously to send a secret document for safe keeping.

These types of emails with the subject line "photo" and just a name in the message body. The attachment is a zip file. In this zip file is a .exe file which contains the malware.

Do not open any attachments that you are not waiting for. Even if it's from your mom or dad. Their email could have been compromised and the hacker could be do a mass email with the malware attached to it. If you are unsure of the file, call the person and ask what the file is and if they truly sent it. A little paranoia keeps the stress at bay.

(FOUR) Someone Has Reported Your Actions | Facebook Phishing Scam

This one is a real "BS" right off the bat. The things I see on Facebook are so bad, rude, and or disgusting, I lately haven't been on facebook. It overrun by really bad articles and actions.

This is why the message from The Facebook Security Management that claims that your account will be out-of-commission because other Facebook peeps have reported your actions is BS. The message will also read that you have less than 12 hours or Facebook will remove the offending account.

If you see this message with a link, don't click on it. It will take you to a website where it will ask for additional information including credit card info. Once you are done, it will then take you to the Facebook Newsroom website where makes you believe that you are done and have avoided the removal of your account.

(FIVE) Get Two Free Southwest Tickets | Facebook Survey Scam

The last time I was on a southwest flight was when I went to Vegas. At the end of the flight three people seating in different seat around me vomited in the little white sandwich bags they have available at every seat.

Southwest Airlines is budget airlines that has plenty of bad reviews. Which is why this scam is so effective. In your mind, you think "this must be true, southwest is so bad they have to give away tickets". Don't fall for it!

According to the Facebook post, you can get 2 free tickets to fly anywhere courtesy of Southwest Airlines. This is because of a 90th anniversary celebrations promo.

Clicking on the link will cause you to take a survey and a request to share the post on Facebook. After that you've won tickets. But, before you receive the tickets, you have to fill in more surveys. And this can go on and on and on. The scammers earn a commission every time the victim supplies his or her details on each survey.

Oh and one more thing......You will never receive the tickets. Ever


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