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RE: The Steemit Hero's Journey: Remembering why we're here, and where we're headed.

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I've only been on here for a little over a year, but I see so much potential. It's interesting to bring steem up to co-workers, friends, even family, but they don't quite see the potential ( yet post their lives in FB and Instagram). It's an exciting time... just wish more people could get on board right now.

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It can be frustrating to have people you talk to about Steem to continue doing the exact same things on FB and Instagram what they could've been doing here while being early adopters on this platform.

Yep, totally frustrating... but we just have to breathe deep and keep moving forward... if we can't make the choice to migrate over to Steemit self-evident, we won't succeed... fortunately, I'm seeing really positive signs. Early adopters rejoice! ;)

It's been less bad this year than two years ago. At least that's my observation.

Yeah, there IS so much potential... I'm glad you see it, and I think we're truly on the cusp of realizing it! As Steemit matures into what it can be, i think we'll see more and more folks becoming receptive to making the journey over from the corporate-controlled be social behemoths... in time. We still have a few rough edges to remove, but we're soooo close, and progress is being made!

I agree! I think Steem it the perfect gateway platform to introduce folks with just a little passing interest in blockchain. I managed to get a few friends to get involved with EOS DApps, and given everything that is happening on that network, Steem really is much more user friendly at the current time. I'll keep promoting it, most certainly!

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