Watch @instructor2121 discuss dApps and development on the STEEM Blockchain

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If you have ever been curious about dApps on the Steem Blockchain this video is for you.

@instructor2121 does a quick overview of some dApps such as:

  1. Zappl - twitter competitor, up to 240 characters
  2. DTube - Youtube competitor
  3. DLive - Live streaming. Twitch competitor
  4. DMania - A way to share memes.
  5. - Reward open source contributors.

One that wasn't mentioned but I'd like to include is:
Steepshot - Instagram competitor
You could also find more at Steem Tools

He also talks about applications we may see soon such as dating applications or product reviews.

If you want to chat with @instructor2121 you could find him at The Steem Experience or SteemSpeak on Discord .

This was filmed on 2/22/2018 at the local Austin steemit meetup if you are in or around Austin you could join the meetup here.

There are two more presentations from the meetup coming . Follow me to be the first to see them.
One from @ajaxalot - the ins and outs of livestreaming on DLive
One from @steemcafe - the Steem Creators conference in Las Vegas of April this year.


I laugh because this was posted to YouTube and not DTube because DTube prolly won't work. LOL

Ha I posted on youtube for a few reasons and uptime was one of them. I've had issues viewing videos on there and didn't want other people to have the same issue. But baby steps hopefully it will improve soon.

  1. Other reasons are a wider audience. It's more likely to be seen.
  2. Resolution control. I've only seen options for 480p and source.
  3. They take 25% of rewards.

With that said I'll be exploring Dtube more very soon.

I didn't know about the 25% thing. So DTube takes a cut of the steem you make off of the post?

Yeah most dApps too. Zappl is 10% or 15%, Steepshot is 10%, utopian might be 25% as well.

DLive is the only one i know of that doesn't take a fee.

@instructor2121 is such an awesome presenter! Love this guy!

Upvoted and RS . Good job on this @instructor2121 and good post @ruwan.

I really enjoyed his presentation! I learned a lot about dApps. So far I've only tried DMania, but his presentation has inspired me to give other apps a try too in the near future.

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I really like your post ..
thanks for sharing

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