It's about a new platform like steemit.It is called WEKU.

in steemit •  11 months ago 

I have got so many questions in my mind about this platform.But i don't have any idea whom i should ask this .Now i think this will be the best place to ask this questions.I just wanna know that what the whales of steemit's are thinking about weku?Is this a scam or it's a jenuine platform?When i first registered in weku then it was a copy of steemit,it make me think that it is a scam site.But now they are talking about ICO of weku coin.There are some other changes also i can see.Some people who were working here they are also joined there.
giphy-downsized m.gif
I really need to know that weku is a scam or not?If anyone have any idea about this then please help me.

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Tits or no tits, that's the question.

Same here i also have that kinds of question in my mind.