What is Voting Power and how to recharge it?

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I get this question from a lot from minnows and friends I introduced to Steemit. I'm sure there are many more who are wondering about Voting Power and what it represents. What is Voting Power, how does it recharge and what's the best way to go about spending your daily votes. Let's take a look and learn how the voting system work.

Voting Power determines the power/value of your vote and each 100% vote you give will spend 2% of your VP. Your goal should be to always stay at 100% VP as then your votes are most valuable.

For example if you have a 1$ vote and you are at 100% VP your first vote will be 1$, second vote will be worth slightly less (0.98$), and each brings the value of your vote and VP down further.

To check your VP there are a couple of options.

I suggest you go with SteemWorld as it offers the best stats overview, is always 100% correct and updates as soon as you make a vote, comment or anything else.


VP -> 100% shows you the exact time at when you will recharge fully. You can also adjust the VP slider to see at what time you will recharge to your desired %. SteemitWorld also offers a neat overview of all stats you might want to know about your account. How much you earned each day, reputation, followers, votes, comments, delegations etc..

Recharging VP

To recharge VP all you need to do is to vote less often. If you really burned your VP and you are at 20%, you will need to wait 4 full days to get to 100% again. So be careful how you spend your votes because Voting Power recharges at a fixed rate of 20% daily.

Taking that in consideration we can easily calculate how much votes you can spend per day to always be at 100%


Each full vote burns 2% VP; 20% recharges daily so if you started with 100%:

And gave 10 full votes you will end up with 80% VP and after 24 hours you will be at 100% VP again. Follow this rule of thumb and you will always be at 100% VP.

So how to manage voting?

  • Check how much VP you have using one of the tools mentioned above
  • Get to 100% VP by waiting a day or two; depending on how much VP you started with
  • Never give more than 10 full votes per day

And viola! You will always be at 100% VP :)

Hope this clears out everything about voting and how to go about spending votes. If you got any more questions feel free to drop a comment below. I'm always here to help.

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I like how you always look out for minnows. Keep up the good work.

I try my best, thanks for recognising my efforts :)

Very very very infotmative post! Thanks for sharing with us. I've been here for about 3 weeks and finally I understood this voting power :) Thanks again, all the best!

Np, have a great day :)

Thank you, have a nice day! May I ask a question? I want to translate this information into Turkish. Can I use your post by referencing? I think a lot of Turkish people need this information :)

Read my comment on this thread as well. It's important to add it with what @runicar said.

Feel free to use it, the more people we can help the better :)

It is done, thanks again! You can check :)

Love Steemworld too! Big thanks to @steemchiller for developping this really useful and sleek tool! Thanks for the explanations, even though I'm not a newbie anymore, it is still worth refreshing some points.

Do you know about the effect of the number in the brankets below your SP on your wallet? If not, read my comment on this thread.

I often check steemdb but I got confused to some info, but this post really helped me to manage my votes (tho I still have love voting power) Thank you so much!

Glad to help :)

This is an eyes opener, but i have a question as regarding how to measure a voting power to give out

What is the measurement use in measuring the percentage of vote someone can give to a post

For example some 1% of vote might worth $2, the questin now is how was he able to measure that he want to give out just 1%

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

People with higher SteemPower have stronger votes. So your example with 1% has a 200$ full vote (100%)meaning he might not want to give the full vote but rather a smaller one.

How was he able to mesure it? Simple; when you get to 500SP or above you will get a voting slider and with SteemitMoreInfo app you will know exactly how much any % of your vote is worth in $$. Check it out.

Thanks you so much for this clarification.

Thank you as I am new I was so eager to vote now my votes are $0 I didn't know that I was not meant to vote on everyone and everything. Thanks for sharing!

Your votes will be worth more when you acquire SteemPower. That's what makes your votes worth something. VP is just a measurement of how much % of your full vote you can currently give.

You didn't mention the effect power down and power up have on your voting power. The reason there are two numbers for our SP is because the one in brankets goes down if you power down and up if you power up.

A new Steemian has a voting power of 15 at 100% because he starts with 0.500 SP and a boost of 14.500 SP by the number in the brankets.

I currently aso have a voting power of 15 despite having an SP of 6.300. The reason is, I am powering down and thus my boost by the number in the brankets is not 14.500 but 8.700, for a total of 15.000. Thus, I still have 15 like that of a rookie.

The sp you are referring to that is in brackets is delegated Sp and has nothing to do with powering down as you can not take it out.

The only SP you can take out is your own.

then why does it go down when you power down, and why is the total always the exact voting power you have?

Delegated SP is included into your VP but you can't take it out. Because it's delegated meaning not yours and you got it from someone to use for a specific amount of time.

There is no way that you can take out delegated SP, only your own.

The delegation lowers by STEEM itself the more SP I gain while I power down.

Very helpful information.Thanks for sharing it

Informative post

Thanks a lot for the info...I've been trying to find a detailed explanation about the difference between the 3 steem tokens n struggled to find proper sources till u uploaded this...still a newbie to steemit...so still learning!! Thank you for the help!! Cheers!! :)

thanks for the info

I want more voting power, but am not getting enough? Am trying so hard

You want to gain more SP? Get it from rewards (slow procedure), have someone transfer STEEM to you which you will power it up, or you buy STEEM from the market.

Then you need to recharge, wait a couple of days to get to 100%.

Thanks for the post and the sites to check SP. It took me a while to realize that I shouldn't be burning through upvotes lol. I'm sure this will help alot of people.

Do you know about the effect of the number in the brankets below your SP on your wallet? If not, read my comment on this thread.

Thanks for introducing me to steemworld. The UI on steemworld is beautiful. Until now i was using steemd. since steemworld has a better appeal i am switching to steem world from steemd.

Great info for all the new users, as they may be confused with the vote percentage. Well done dear :)

Very needed post right now! Thank you


I have learnt from this .


yes yes , I agree with him @runicar

Very useful informations. This post will benefit many people.


Oh, this is very helpful to know, thank you.

This is very helpful.
Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the tutorial! Super informative. Resteemed!
Grateful for your support to the little minnows :)


Ashamed to say but I honestly didn't even know this is how it worked. It's a real eye-opener. Steemworld is awesome! didn't know there was an easy way to track your stats like that. Thanks man!

Thanks for this information. I never pay attention of my voting power and I didn't understand with it. And now I'm surprice when I check my voting power is too low under 50%. Next time I will pay attention my voting power. Thanks it's great information..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

so that's how it is. thanks. been here for 3 weeks and this is the first time i fully understood recharging. lol. It seems i already voted 10 times today, but I'm not gonna follow your advice and give my upvote to this post.

Nice, I really did not understand this and now I do :)

Wow @runicar, that was so helpful because am a newbie and have frequently asked questions concerning this voting power and no one has been able to provide me reasonable answers.

amigo de verdad se la comió con este contenido, aunque no lo crea somos muchos los que no dominamos el tema a pesar que preguntamos y preguntamos solo que a las personas que dominan poco esto. sepa que se ha ganado otro seguidor mas y lo haré por siempre, y siempre me daré mis paseos por este blog ya que seguramente encontrare cosas interesantes. mi poder de voto esta alto en este momento pero mi voto que le doy en este momento mas que generar alguna tarifa, es el decirle que es un excelente trabajador en esta red. gracias amigo @runicar

Thank you @runicar,i actually needed this eye opener, I have been asking around but no one was able to give me what I needed to hear.. Thank you so much.

Brilliant informative post as always buddy. Its indeed tough for all to control their VP as we all get carried away upvoting each others posts :-) . I barely manage to have my VP at 50 percent. But i think its important to maintain it at 75 percent atleast. Shall keep trying :) . Regards Nainaz.

@runicar your article says voting power recharges at 20% per day fixed, mine does about at 10% per day... any idea why?

Very Insightful thank you!