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Steemit more info is one of the most useful and versatile tools for Steemit today.

Made by @armandocat this chrome extension can easily be downloaded from the chrome web store here and I urge you to start using it today.

What can Steemit more info do for you?

  • See how much is your vote worth in $

    giphy (6).gif

  • Check values of each vote on your post

    giphy (7).gif

  • Always see your $ worth and voting power ( this is very useful, especially if you tend to burn your VP by giving too many votes)

  • See who voted/mentioned you

    giphy (8).gif

  • Navigate to other steemit tools from your blog instead of searching for them in google

    If you use any other Steemit tools this might come in handy as you won't have to manually search for them any more

  • Blog posts histogram

    Gives you a graphic representation of how much you post/resteem in the last month and a half

  • Search followers/following by name/reputation or SP

    giphy (9).gif

  • Add gifs to posts/replies with the built in Gif picker

  • Wallet history filters

    To easily find a specific transaction/event

Hope you find this useful and you actually install and start using Steemit more info.


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looks really cool, I haven't heard about so I'll give it a try and see how I like it. thanks for the post and have a great day!

Most useful tool you will find, glad you liked it. Thanks :)

some of the feature here in only for 500sp.. Hoping to have that high sp do that I can enjoy this too.

I know, forgot to mention that. You will. Work hard and make good posts and you will get there.

I made an SP lease request in minnowbooster but until now no one filled it up lol..

You will most likely never get it filled, they will return your STEEM in 3 days. The market is flooded with requests for leases currently and no one want's to provide them.

@blocktrades is supposed to re-open new leases tommorow so watch for that as they always provide in a day or two and never let you hang like minnowbooster does.

thank you so much for this info.. Now I just need to wait for blocktrades..
You are a great help @runicar thanks

Extensions always make me nervous. But very cool features! I hope one day Steemit can add these to the site.

Thank you!!! I have been searching and searching for a place that puts a comprehensive list together of all the various tools. Apparently it didn't exist (more likely I didn't know how to do the right search) but now it does!! Great info!! Thank you again!!

By the case you the last lines of your post you wrote "Seemit.." instead of "Steemit...". Just thought I'd point it out in case you want to edit it....resteemed. Excellent post!

I'm glad I was able to help out :) Thanks for pointing that out, edited.

I just read out your post .I acheived a lots of experience that i never knew before . I had no idea about steemit tools. I have benefited a lot from reading this blog.

I'm glad you did. Hope you use the tools more often. Steemit more info is one of the most useful you can use. Full list of all steemit tools can be can be found here: Steemit Tools

Thank you very much for sharing this post because you did not just share this post. This post has written a nice way to make sure that you have a lot of benefits to get it back and thank you for the news.

I love this tool so much. I wish I could download it at work, but then I really wouldn't get anything done.


Great information. Very helpful. Do you know if its possible to connect Google Analytics to Steemit?

Thanks. I'm not sure if it's possible.

Ok thanks

Very informative post my friend. Shall try it out as i tend to burn my VP every day :-) . Regards Nainaz.

10 full votes a day to keep your VP at bay :) anything more than 10 is burning you, if you keep at it for a couple of days you will be at 100% by no time

Sure my friend, shall surely try it out :-)

Btw, what's #thealliance?

Thank you soo much for simplifying things. I hope to understand them better with your help. I'm a newbie on steemit but i'll be most grateful. Nice meeting you..... Merry Christmas

Always glad to help out. Likewise. Looking forward for your posts :)

Have a great day!

I don't find this information about my count..maybe because i'm a new user !!

You need to download Steemit more info Chrome extension first.

This post has received gratitude of 9.00 % from @appreciator thanks to: @runicar.

Runicar would love to get more education on coins from you.
Hoping to hear from yoy

Now trust me i read it all.. Now pardon me please :(
I am in need of this extension because i don't what is worth of my upvotes and how much i earned. Can you tell me , what happens to my SP if I upvotes other??

You don't loose any SP if you vote for others. Your Voting Power decreases slightly with each vote and your upvote is worth less. To recharge voting power never give more than 10 full votes per day.

you really owe me . I m searching for it for days but i couldn't find.. thank you so much for your #precious time Dear

I owe you what exactly? :)

hahahah nice sense of humor buddy! I have nothing more to give you but appreciation and i m not sure whether my appreciation is worth to you or not.. :(

Aaaah shit! i m mistaken .. I meant to say "i owe you" .. :D

This is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for all the tips and information you provide for your fellow Steemians, I really appreciate what you do. Peace.