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Hold on, don't get me wrong... I am not going to Steemfest myself due to financial reasons. Blegh, had a huge fine in Switzerland and my own car broke down last night. GG life. At the looks of it, I even had to terminate the planned vacation to Thailand for this shit. So why this title? Welllll, since I've been on Steemit, sharing my photography here changed my point of view of "sharing" and "value". I understood the potential and capabilities of this platform, so I wanted to make something for the community to contribute.

A few days ago, I saw @Roelandp upvoted one of my posts and was curious why this legend and witness chose to upvote a 7+ day old post, maybe it was a curation trail he is following(?). For those who do not know Roeland, he is organizing Steemfest 3. Also, I got reminded of an idea about making a banner for Steemians to use as a signature so everyone knows who they can meet at Steemfest. It was @r00sj3 who told me that I should make a banner and put my name on the banner because she has read one of my blogs where I mentioned that I wanted more engagement on my blog after finding out that 80% of my followers have left Steemit. The feeds are so dead, so it was a good idea to ask my active followers who to follow. And they came up with some unique and quality content creators. Thanks!

Anyway, back to the idea. I didn't like the idea of putting my name on it, it's just not how I work. Why? I simply do not put my name on works that I create, unless it is a signed fine art print. I feel that it would 'damage' the work, distract the intended message it deserves and it wouldn't add any value to it since it should be all about SteemFest and not my name. When it's good, people will value it and give it the credit without asking/demanding for it. When people want to know who made it, just make sure you'll do a good job so they remember your name.

I was in a creative mood and checked out @SteemFest and @Roelandp his blog. I made three sketches with a different color theme. I remember I have spoken with Roeland for 5 secs on Discord while he was doing an interview, at that time a question like "Hey Roeland, do you need a photographer for SteemFest" slipped through my mind, but I thought it would be too "cold" to ask. Anyway, this was my -only- way to reach out to him and show him what I made. After I send him the sketches and popped the question if he would like the idea, he responded. Obviously, I had nothing brand-related to SteemFest to work with so I didn't think it would be used right away.


My feeling was right, however, a day later he told me he might want to use the idea, but have it designed in the style of SteemFest itself. I didn't hesitate to invite myself designing it. It would be nice to do something back for the active community who are going to finally meet each other in real life or see each other again. Using the banner would make it easier to find out who is going, so you can plan a meet-up ahead of time.

Roeland send me the brand-kit of SteemFest that I could work with. We exchanged designs for feedback and we got on the right track pretty fast. Love the way how the internet works ;-).

The first thing that I noticed about the image is that it was at certain spots overexposed, which would lead to unnecessary distractions on the image. Also, the photograph is pretty vibrant and had a high contrast look and feel. For an image itself it's great, but working with text on top of it would lead to... yep... unnecessary distraction. So first things first, getting rid of the distractions and crushing the blacks to make it a little bit more flat was the first thing that I needed to do before I could start.


Adding a color theme to the photograph would be great and it will make it easier to read the text. But still, I found it was missing some flair.

The spelling though... hahah. Kracow. This is probably what you get when you talk in Dutch, and design in English simultaneously.


Almost there... A key point of being a designer and a designer is listening to the people you work with. The other part is, translating it into a design that they need, and want.

He gave me great input and feedback which gave me a better idea and understanding of how he would like to have it designed. After he said what the theme is going to be about, I could give it the finishing touch it needed. So, here it is! The final design for the banner that you, (and only this design), can use if you want to let everyone know that you're going to Steemfest!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków" /></a>

Or if you would like to have rounded corners like @leotrap, feel free to use the PNG down below with transparent rounded corners.


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków" /></a>

Are you going to SteemFest? Use the banner and let your friends and fans know if you haven't already. And more importantly: Have a lot of fun!


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Wish i could

Me too!

I'm so happy you did it! It sucks to not have you attend steemfest though. But with this amazing banner you will be there a bit too! ... maybe you can win a ticket somewhere? :)

Hehe, that's right ^^. There is always next year. Go nail that talk on stage, aren't you a little bit less nervous now you know that I won't be coming? Haha :-p

I honestly didn't think about that (yet)...

It's nice to know who designed the banner! I've seen the banner before and instantly fell in love with it! I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to come. I also don't know yet if I'll be able to make it due to conflicting appointments.

Anyway, well done! I'm glad to hear the story behind this banner 🙂❤

Thank you so much! I am a little bit bumped out about it, but no time for complaining ;-). I checked out your blog and you live like 10 minutes away from the Rhinefall?! O my, I had a blast over there. Hope you can make it to SF if you can get the conflicted appointments all sorted out.

Depends on how fast I walk, lol! Sometimes more, sometimes less.. Have you been to Schaffhausen too?

I'll hope so too! But I'll find out towards the end of October so I hope there will be some tickets left!!

Thank you for coming back to me!

I am so jealous... it took me hours to get there! But I have seen it! And it was worth every single mile it took to get there. Fingers crossed ^^

Rhine Falls.jpg

Wow! That is an amazing shot!

Thanks! Had a blast over there!

It's a fun and great idea to have a heads up on who we might meet at SF. I love that you carried on with the banner, even though you don't plan to attend. The dates I find on your image are pretty weak, though I suppose most people will know that information anyway. I do love the way you tweaked the photo and the overall warm and festive feel of your final image. Thanks for sharing @rubencress.

Thanks, @Everlove! I have to say that I agree with the thin text about the banner ;-). But everything is intended and strategically wise placed, once interest is triggered, the viewer most probably will click the banner, and this will take you to the official website of Steemfest where all the information is provided. If there is too much "in your face" information on the banner it can be interpreted as uneasy to read/process unconsciously. This is why we have to categorize information as "must haves", "wanna haves" and "should haves" without damaging the message of the banner which is all about connecting Steemians. Are you going to Steemfest? ^^

Agreed @rubencress. It's always a delicate and fine balance. Just knowing who is going to be up in the mix is a great bonus over other years. Love the idea!

Krakow is a real possibility--went to the first two, and they were pricesless!
Cheers back at cha, Ruben.

Awesome! I wasn't here yet, but I heard it was great to be there, so I kinda feel bumped out about not going at all.

It was truly an amazing experience both years, and made some incredible connections that are still juicy and alive today. Blessed by the experience, and @roelandp really knows how to put on a party. EPIC TIMES!

Hehe, we Dutch seem to know how to throw parties indeed! But it can be quite nerve breaking when the deadline approaches. Maybe next year I'll be attending!

I highly recommend it. I don't know anyone who had just an "ok" time, or who regretted going. Got WAAAAAAY more than our moneys worth. Indeed a wise investment.

I wish you could go! Then we could have got together for a beer or something. Then you could teach me some of your photo tips. Thanks for designing the banner. I am gonna start putting it on my posts up until i fly out for the event.

Ha, that would be great indeed dude. Or you could teach me some ;-). You're welcome and have a lot of fun @SteemFest

Very cool design! I will make sure I use it once I get the visa for Poland. Noooooo!!! No more Thailand??? and congrats that you got noticed by a Steem legend! ✌️❤️🐒

Ahh, so it is 99% sure that you're going?! That's awesome, go get that visa! And yuppppp, can't risk it. Might need to buy a new car ^^. Fingers crossed for that visa.

preparing all the documents today and let's see but please come to Thailand!! Would be so fun to meet up!

Hehe, maybe next year!

Nice job!

Thanks @Rmach ^^

Good to see Im not the only one believing that sign a photograph is to put some distraction in frame. Pretty obvious but seems not to many.
Beautiful work you have been doing man! Hope you enjoyed Thailand

Hehe, yeah... everyone has their own signature though! Thanks and... didn't go to Thailand! Have to skip it because of some pretty nasty inconvenience.

Yes I read about them... things happens! GL with that solutions :)

Cool stuff Ruben! I like the design and how you got it that pretty from the original photograph :-)

Bummer you won't attend SteemFest, but I'll use your banner with pride :D Thanks!

Thanks @soyrosa ^^, you gonna support your friend @r00sj3?

Of course! I'll be her groupie and even throw some underwear on stage during her talk :D

I'm glad you are actually going to @steemfest otherwise this post with all these (very nice) banners could be potentially confusing!

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When people don't read at all.

Actually I did read the post, I just mis-read the intro to it! Bit tired last night. Oops.

Shame yr not going then!

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