Steemit bug found in “TAG”

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Steemit bug found in “TAG”

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I just found a serious bug on steemit TAG. Today I published a news cum TIL post with 5 tags -
wilt news newslink til steemitnews

But, my post is visible in only one section in “wilt”. Other tags are not working anymore. I searched frequently in the following sections which I tagged –

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Update : I just found a solution. I used 4 tags instead of 5. Now, my post is visible to all 4 sections.


I think it happened from a day before yesterday. My post was only visible in the first tag. I think it's going to be fixed soon, but it still does. Right?

so, is it after-effect of hard-fork ???

I thought at first it could be an after-effect. Today, I was thinking to write about this because waiting doesn't fix anything. They know about the issue??

I find a solution. it's working for me now. Using 4 tag instead of 5 tags may resolve this issue :)

Really? :) I will try, and come back to let you know about the result.

What is it? It worked for me too. Only 4 tags are accepted from now on?? Talk with you gave me 1000posts to me anyway. :)

Thanks @royalmarco, I've got to guess this is a genuine bug. I'll post it in the github issues.

If you bug-hunt, that's

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