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Bitcoin Price Watch; Profit Taken!
In this morning's bitcoin price analysis, we mixed things up a little bit, and went with a variation on our standard strategy. Specifically, we looked at a downward sloping channel range (as opposed to our horizontal usual range) and said we would look ...

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Coinbase, Instant Bitcoin Purchases In Singapore & Canada
Coinbase users in Canada and Singapore are enabled to purchaseBitcoin and other digital currencies through the Coinbase mobile applications (iOS and Android). In its statement released on July 28, Coinbase team noted that the exchange is considering ...
Coinbase Extends Bitcoin, Ether Buying in Canada & SingaporeCryptoCoinsNews

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Coinbase and Reddit CEOs Discuss Removal of Theymos as ...
CoinJournal (blog)
Coinbase & Reddit CEOs Discuss The Removal OF Theymos As Moderator Of Bitcoin Subreddit. Find Out More In Our Latest Post.
The Bitcoin Subreddit Censorship Debate Reignited by Roger Ver ...newsBTC

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Researchers Claim Bitcoin's Blockchain Can Be Secured Even if 51% of Miners Are Malicious
“On top of Bitcoin's brilliant ideas of utilizing the power of the honest miners, via their computing power together with blocks, to secure the blockchain, we further leverage the power of the honest users, via their coins together with transactions ...

Bitcoin experts are having a spat on whether it's a currency or a ...
Bitcoin experts have weighed into a debate regarding the legal status of the cryptocurrency following a ruling by a Florida judge last week.

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