This new tokens of good person, as soon as I knew it seemed an incredible idea, and I hope it is done quickly, because on the platform of steemit, there are many spammers, and it is something unpleasant, because it usually feels like an insult to the work of the the rest. Many people claim, that for lack of time they do spam and that makes me annoyed. So if I do not have anything to publish, or I do not have better time, I do not do it and that's it. That's why I think that the white list is an excellent idea. I hope your assumptions are true friend, because I know you always speak with base, and having the information at hand. Keep working on your game, I'm sure it's wonderful, you'll soon be successful.

thanks! you're a great supporter. i just try to make sense out of all this chaos. i might even be entirely wrong. but clearly we're gonna be see a lotta changes when crypto starts being used by ordinary people in their daily lives. it's gonna be a different world.

the whitelist can be good if it's not centralized by steemit inc. that's my only concern at this point. if there's other SMTs that can create a bigger pool it should be fine. i hope it happens.

Your right! spammers are annoying.
There are many abusers and so the first idea is just to keep a list of them. But the list gets so long! ;-)

Have you heard of the Chrome browser add-on called Steem Plus?
I use it, and it's really great for helping me identify spammers.

I just wanted to point out that Steem Plus is keeping a "community polling" + "heuristic analysis" database and it seems to work fairly well. You will actually see in your comments to your post, which commenters are probably spammers..

Really you are too good man and you alwys support to achieve more rewards.
Thanks alot.

i try to be a good person myself but mostly i would be motivated by incentives and rewards.
but thanks 😃 you're a good supporter i appreciate it.

Thank you so much dear.
Hope you are alwys stay with us.😙

thanks i hope steemit would last! and go mainstream 😃

wonderful amazing topic my friend @roundbeargames keep it up.... your work always as usual great.....

thanks! every once in awhile i'd do topics other than my game. but i should get back now 😃

Excellent iformacion, thanks for sharing, I really do not know much about this, but I'll be sure to look into it and research a little more.
Greetings friend

greetings! and thanks.
it's mostly my opinions and concerns. so you should definitely google it yourself and decide what you wanna do.

One thing though. as far as I have understood, EOS token is working like steem, providing bandwidht from network. That means that any business launching a token on the block-chain needs to hodl steem power or EOS. This could make a situation where the price for the more popular platform could become too expensive.

well eos token swap hasn't happened yet, so we'll have to see how that plays out.

eos will have a much more general utility compared to steem, which is specific to as in social media. eos is more like an os that allows developers to build dapps on top of it. theoretically somebody can create the exact same version of steemit on eos, but with a few upgrades.

i agree with you that if (a giant if) SMTs tokenize the world there will be incentives to hold steem power for the bandwidth. that incentive will be bigger than anything we've seen before, including bitcoin. but again, a giant if.

i'm not sure if i understand what you mean by platforms becoming too expensive. you mean coins like steem becoming too expensive? that's a good thing for the investors ain't it? 😃

WHEN EOS WAS ANNOUNCED, I just assumed STEEM would move to the "new more distributed EOS blockchain" and just set up shop on it? But of course, that would negate 51% CONTROL.. so there is no motivation for 1 person to do that ;-) ....

on the other hand there's people who are motivated to never allow anybody to have 51% including themselves. i think it's why so many people fell in love with blockchains in the first place. it's a huge motivation for those kinda devs to build stuff on top of eos.

I mean that the coin supply is limited and huge increase in demand for EOS could lead steem to be more appealing for devs because of starting costs and other way around.

if eos demand rises while steem price stays the same, that means buyers (including devs) have already picked eos as the better alternative. or more 'appealing'.
but again, bp voting and eos token swap hasn't happened yet. so who knows?

what's certain is that devs will not switch over simply because a coin might be cheaper. not unless it's undervalued. besides, as a developer, you don't necessarily have to own the coins to start developing.

You prob right. One thing to remember though is that whole crypto thing is not yet that widely adopted, and I believe we will have multiple of these different platform and so on. Once the adoption happens, I doubt anything is just going to die away with a snap of fingers, instead all could get a nice share. In addittion steem is still very powerful as currency and thus is not too likely to disappear in some time.

you're right. nothing will die in a snap. but consider what happened to yahoo, tumblr, snapchat, and a shit ton of other platforms that started losing its base once they were deemed uncool. the speed is scary. and it's only getting faster.

"once they were deemed uncoooooolll"
OUCH that hurts!

i'd hate to use the word UNCOOL. but there really is no other way to describe it. tumblr was fucked the day yahoo came in.

we see it time and time again. platforms lose their cool and never get it back. for steemit, a whitelist run by steemit inc could be that catalyst.

i mean verifications and behavior guidelines? yahoo is cooler than that.

I agree there will be multiple platforms. As a Communities Builder, I can reside on several platforms and just automate posting to all of them at the same time...

i don't have much of a choice. i have to upload on all platforms that give me the best chance. right now i still love steemit a lot. i'm too late on yt or fb or whatever. but there might be a day where i start posting on 2~3 new platforms that reward me in crypto. eventually most will die out and 1 will come out on top.

this is one way for users to escape the unjust system on steemit, the quality content will get more recognition whether it comes from a whale or a minnow. Do not you have confidence in this?

i want quality content. yes. but i don't want steemit inc defining what 'quality content' is for me.
it's something very subjective and not everyone will agree on what a quality content exactly is. which is why i'd much rather prefer to have freedom in the marketplace and see what comes out on top.

but yes i see what you mean by 'the unjust system on steemit'. right now being on top/front pages on steemit means you paid for it. or you're a whale. but that's also part of the strategy that people might take to gain exposure. when you say 'quality' the scope is so large it entails everything regarding the post including the unjustness you described. simply, it's competition.

i have confidence that if you give the people freedom to figure it out, they will. @ned says there will be many SMTs. that does not necessarily mean minnows like you and i would have more chance. it could mean completely the opposite. assuming that GPT will not be the only dominant token, we have no idea how SMTs would shape the future of steemit. they'll only follow market principles.

but if you are certain that GPT will be the main currency and steemit inc will start supporting minnows more, you have a centralized system. that means censorship. it'll be like government officials. and we both know how they work. if you give any human beings enough power (no matter how smart, clean, ethical they are), you will corrupt the entire system, including quality content.

it is little complicated everything they want to implement, maybe there will be a token dtube, token steepshot, token busy, it bothers me is that in the trends it is always the same shit as always and the same trash is difficult to find good content in the trends should be more balanced but you are right there is a possibility that the system is corrupt, it is difficult for everything to go well as we expect but the only way to know is to try, I only hope that if something goes wrong with this new project, we will take the correct measures and not be as you say you act as our governments, I have been reading several things on these issues is talking a lot

you're right. there may be other tokens like dtube, steepshot, busy, etc.

but no token from within the community will be able to compete against GPT. in order for any token to be meaningful it must have the reward pool that matches the current one, or the hypothetical one described in the diagram.

you'll need an outside force that has enough influence (preferably more than steemit inc or @ned or @dan) to create a token that has any value, to create a big enough pool that people are willing to trade that token.

i dunno what makes @ned so confident that many SMTs will flourish. obviously i dunno what he knows. but a 1000 different SMTs is pointless when GPT is the dominant one and every other token value is close to 0.

for eos, the market is telling us people are absolutely interested. whether it's speculation, belief in @dan or eos dpos, etc, a significant number of people decided they're gonna trust it with their money. and nobody even knows whether the token swaps is guaranteed or not. that level of impact has never been shown in steem prices. more people already know about eos than steem. and their expectations are high.

but again, steem is my biggest investment. and most of the time what everybody says will happen never actually happens. so let's see.

I'm very curious to know when we will be able to see this development online. we need patience, SMT will be the turning point in steem. everyone is waiting for this launch, so let's hope for the best

it should be this year. i think last year ned said Q2 so it should be close. but there could be delays so we can't be sure. SMTs will be the turning point depending on who's going to be implementing it. if there's a bunch of SMTs that nobody cares about then steemit is fucked. i hope that's not the case. @ned seems pretty confident that there'll be many SMTs. we'll wait and see.

I saw yesterday an SMT testnet has been announced to start this week or next?
@ned has stated that "big players" have approached about something like an SMT.
But these are Big Centralized players he wants to cater and court, and so that may be the downfall of all this.

I was rather looking at OTHER USE CASES for SMT and am sad they are not more the focus of SMT in many ways. ICOs mostly; but EOS could make ICOs obsolete now..
WOW the world changes quickly! (EOSdac)

i've been always wondering what made him so sure that 'there will be many SMTs'.

but i agree with you. i feel like @ned wants a little too much centralization and it could be a big turn off for those players. AND for the users.

eos still has to go through bp voting and i think it's likely that there will be MASSIVE MASSIVE confusion in june. so i dunno. but certainly eos has the potential to wipe out a lotta things.

With the contribution of all steem can go much further than the moon, we must give the best of all so that steem remains the best

yes. right now steemit is the coolest social platform. but nothing is guaranteed. let's hope it stays that way and we all go 😃

Undoubtedly steemit is an incredible platform, let's hope and continue doing it, happy night friend

hopefully it'll stay. and good night!

Nice Topic . Well said @roundbeargames . Thanks for share this post .Upvote and resteemed it . Thanks

thanks for coming! much appreciated 👍

Incredible publication good topic my dear friend, it is of interest, these two platforms are going to give everything for the whole to see who is the best, we have to contribute the best of us so that steen reaches the maximum

thank you. i've mentioned eos as one example but there will be countless more. truly the wild west right now. let's see what happens 😃

amigo lo felicito a lo que pude entender muy buen trabajo.hablo español, muy poco ingles y con ayuda de traductor. gracias por su ayuda se lo agradezco .saludos

amigo don't worry because we have google translate. thanks for coming!

You just hint on the possible things affecting the platform and it will be a great pleasure for Ned to get things done on time. If steem continues like this and at the end the other big competitor eventually gets the Nod first, it will be a big battle for steem.

On a more serious note, the competition will be much and every PLATFORM will try to give their platform the best. It is a good thing that competition will come up, but steem have to prepare for the future and that should be done fast, if eventually we planning to head to the moon.

TAKE a look at Eos, you can see they doing well without their platform, what if the platform is lunched?,

On lighter note, if we wants to moon, things should be done on time. I am really happy seeing Ned trying to get steem more familiarise. I believe in him and with all this token, things can be gotten right.

yes i'm mostly guessing. eos has a giant obstacle ahead in june, which is bp voting. i dunno how that's gonna go but if it goes through, anybody can start building other versions of steemit on top of eos.

@dan will probably be the one to build a major competitor because success with eos means people will trust him. he's been pretty consistent in promoting decentralization in everything including decentralization of eos from himself.

but we haven't seen eos succeed yet. its block producers must work together to launch a new blockchain without any hiccups. i also have to assume those who didn't get the position will launch blockchains on their own. possibly causing massive conflicts amongst themselves and confuse users.

so i don't wanna say eos is the future. at least not yet. we'll see what happens in june. i have some money in eos too (but steem is my biggest investment). i'm not rich, so unless either one goes absolutely crazy, i won't have any meaningful gains.

i dunno how @ned is gonna ensure multiple SMTs (meaningful ones) but he keeps on saying it, so i guess i'll have to take his word for it. in my eyes, currently, steemit is the coolest social platform that rewards content creators directly with crypto.


greetings amigo! i thank you for your support 👍

That we hope friend that with the help of all we can achieve, that the Steem does not reach us only to the moon but beyond. A question SMTs y GPTs , what are you please @roundbeargames

are you using google translate? i'm not sure if this is a question 😆
you can just use spanish if you want.


Si estaba utilizando el traductor de Google, la pregunta es que significa las siglas que aparecen en tu publicación SMTs.

ok i understand!
SMT = smart media tokens
GPT = good person tokens

SMT is a general term for many future tokens that'll be issued on the steem blockchain. i'm not the expert so i'd highly recommend you google the subject and gain knowledge. and get ahead 😃

Outstanding post....Nice Topic . Well said @roundbeargames .

thanks @niharikalove. mostly i'd stick to my games and not talk about other stuff but this one i'm just getting worried we might be moving towards censorship. might be.

Wish i am not a bad person then... XD Hm... Well... all this is a bit subjective.. and quite vague to me...
Wonder how it will pan out tho...

😃 it's simply freedom in competition. it's not good nor bad. @ned wants to change a few things but i'm afraid it could mean we're inching towards more and more regulations. he does continue to say that there will be many SMTs. if he's telling the truth based on facts he cannot tell us yet, it won't be a centralized system and everyone's happy. if not, it spells out censorship and we're fucked.

Hi @roundbeargames... just got even more confused now. I see these comments following dudes that say you are a "bad Steemian" now I find GP tokens... I just don't think this will play.


It makes me think of Kim Jeungeun sitting on his nukes saying I won't talk to you if you ask me to put these rockets away again.

i'm not exactly sure what you're confused about?
looks like abusereports is a bot that tracks down spammers or other kind of abusers. and the guy clearly hates haejin for being a bully? (i dunno). but anybody with code knowledge can start making bots/dapps/programs/whatever and use it on steemit.

unlike facebook or google they can start communicating with the steem blockchain (without anybody's permission, which is lovely) and build services on top of it. dtube and dlive are examples. then there's other apps like abuserports, transparencybot, buildawhale, etc.
(i use a simple bot myself to vote people who support me. and i'd mix it up and try to be as organic as possible)

some of those bots are spam, while others are focused on trying to build a better community. to my knowledge there's a shit ton of bots that trackdown spammers who use the same words over and over again. nobody's in charge of such operation but it's the community acting on its own behalf. whereas on facebook, we have to wait and simply trust zuckerberg to decide what's best. and we all know how that turned out.

Good person token is an idea where steemit inc could verify users who are 'good actors'. we have steem right now but GPT could be another source of income for content creators (and in theory exclude 'bad actors'). there could be many more tokens like dtube tokens, etc, so the possibilities are endless (if the general public decides to partake in SMTs. a big if at this point)

i'm not a huge fan of GPTs because i feel like it's steemit trying to be facebook. which is utilizing censorship and control. but you can't beat facebook in their own game. @ned did correct me in saying that it's not centralized if you have people competing to publish the most accurate list of 'good persons'. so yea. i dunno how it's gonna play out.

i think you're refering to kim because those bots look like bullies. and yes some are really awful, but there are some good ones as well. if you let the community figure it out, they'll be able to handle it. @ned probably wants to control it a little bit with GPT.

Hello again. I'm confused about implied moral judgments spinning off from user behavior. I don't know if a social network has the right to say what is good or bad... maybe they can say what is good or bad for the existence of the network.

A community enhancement token would make sense. But also too many tokens and the exchange rates messes things up a little for me. I think I could live with just Steem alone.

By the way, do you know what Steem points are? I won some Steem points in a contest.

Steemit is decentralized with a capitalist advantage. I don't see how facebook could reward content to the extent Steemit is doing.

antonopoulos mentioned a concept where every 'like' would cost something, much like in a real market, and platforms wouldn't have to sell user data. one 'like' could be as cheap as a single satoshi or less.

in reality nobody would pay to give someone a 'like' even if it's as cheap as 0.0001 usd. but it's a basis for many other creative ideas. a bunch of companies are already coming up with their own implementations. steemit has proven to be the most successful one so far. but nothing is guaranteed.

facebook has been notorious for crushing (or buying) potential competitors. a million users is probably not even in their radar but if they do decide to crush steemit, nothing's stopping them. they can do exactly the same or come up with their own version of a rewards pool.

SMTs would enable other big communities to fuse with steemit. and steem would be the basis for all tokens to flourish. any website/individual/company that has a big user base can create an SMT and immediately start monetizing. their users can monetize too. steem needs this in order to scale quickly before competition catches up.

if it works well, there will be 'too many tokens'. thousands and thousands! technically anybody can create one. but only a select few will have enough influence to create a token that has any value.

tokens will compete each other to see who can create the biggest rewards pool. that's a good thing because steem prices will go up. the whitepaper says steempower and other SMTs can have 'shared influence'. steem will also be a 'bandwidth usage measuring stick'. which is why i keep stressing who's thinking about implementing an SMT? who's got both influence and incentive to make one. (fb? my wishful thinking)

social network has absolutely no right to say what's good or bad. i don't think morality is even an issue. it's simply what survives the market and nothing more. again, it's why i'm not a big fan of GPT and users being whitelisted by steemit inc.

i have no idea what steem points are. i would leave them alone 😃

Wow!! Awesome answer. I just got stormed by the grammar Nazi because of stress to but my post up while my kids were jumping on me. Oh well.

I really like your comment. I don't have time to do all the research... so I'm glad to have a friend like you. Just reading your comments I learn a lot.

i didn't know about grammar nazi until now. it's actually quite funny.

just know that i'm guessing a lot so you should do some googling yourself when you have time!

Hi @roundbeargames I as a beginner do not quite understand about steem or SMt as you say, but I will still support what you do😄

i don't understand too much myself. i just know steem will not be the only currency on the steem blockchain. there will be many tokens (SMTs) that can be issued by anyone that will represent new reward pools for people to participate in.
(maybe not anyone because they should have enough influence to issue tokens that people are willing to trade)

Hi Hitman!
REALLY like your post!
I think you get it better than most. It takes me a long time to dissect so much "unstated" logic. So much "implied" without really knowing all the details... But your take on this, is just about EXACTLY my own thinking, and it's RARE!

SO THANKYOU, we need critical thinking, not knee jerk agreement! ;-)

" it's more like censorship and control. i'm afraid he's gonna kill it. kill 'wisdom of the crowd' that he's been promoting. kill decentralization and eventually steemit itself. "

YOU are seeing much that occurs to me as well. It's not that difficult to take what exists and copy it, move it to another blockchain.

A blockchain with better distribution.
With companies offering millions to motivate developers to create new social media platforms.
With real Decentralization.
Without 51% control by 1 entity. (Elephant nobody talks about HERE)

The motivations to do so are HUGE.
The outcome most likely will look very different from the stiffled and raped rewards pool we see today.
I DO BELIEVE once @ned is actually faced with some "Stiff Competition" (pardon the pun) he will rise to the occasion however ;-)

wow thank you. what a compliment! i must agree it's mostly unstated. it's me guessing. i could be wrong, but i'm surprised you have the same thoughts. it's rare indeed!

i enjoyed your comments on the post regarding centralized systems (the disdain!). but some people regard @ned to be a god and will praise anything he says. i like @ned and might even be his biggest fanboy in south korea, but just like you i have my worries.

i get surprised everyday at how people love centralization. many of them will feel safer when @ned tells them they're all registered and good to go. so who knows. maybe steem could take off with a bit of a censorship.

but if we're right and he does intend to control things (just enough to make people think it's completely uncool), then it's open season. at that point i'm afraid nobody will use SMTs. any stiff competition would crush steemit.

only time will tell. so we'll see what happens. btw i love your level of detail in understanding crypto and steem. can't wait to see more of your posts!

I hope the term GPT can be "lived down" because I see a target painted on the back of the shorts on this type of "term".
Just asking to get reamed with Good Person Token, we better massage this term. Any better ways to express this type of "approved poster"?
Then the "individuality verification" on top of "approved poster" or is that part of being an AP?
I will say as well, I hate the term "Oracle" and we can do better.

Whitelist is just a blacklist inverted, and it may be necessary to keep both. Even if that is not stated... a whitelist is created by comparing to a known blacklist.

I like the idea of "multiple competing SMT whitelists" and in that regard, I think should do two things:

a) Announce whitelist generation will be part of SMT creation and it will be up to each SMT to create their own whitelist and share them if they deem ready to do so.
b) Announce they will slowly resign controlling stake to the community via burning and selling it off... THUS ENSURING STEEM can survive as a real Decentralized platform and currency.

first i was confused with the terms. second i cringed.

last year the south korean president was put in jail for having a whitelist. it's anti freedom. dictatorship. outright criminal.

when i look at the post, people seem to applaud it. it's kinda strange.

i could care less about terms like 'oracle'. but 'whitelists' and 'verification' is huge. it's how kim jung un works. forget @dan. this is the one thing that could bring down steemit faster than anything else.

personally i don't think there should even be a list. and steemit inc burning their own steem power seems unlikely.

but @ned did hint to changes so.. let's hope.

I really like your publications, everything that relates through to steem, really is very informative. I hope they can read this information to grow Regards

thanks. i'm not sure if i can call this a publication because it's mostly me rambling but best regards to you too!

wonderful amazing topic sir @roundbeargames keep it up . Thanks for share this post .Upvote follow and resteemed it . Thanks

thanks for the resteem 😃
long live steemit and let's grow.

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