Why is this happening on Steemit?

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I am relatively new to this and I am trying to figure out how it works.

Some things confuse me though-

Sometimes posts with little amount of upvotes have high rewards, and sometimes posts with like hundredths have only couple cents on what does it depend? Is it the reputation? The amount of followers or the subject posted in
Once I saw a post decrease in rewards and there was no change in upvotes or views.

Another thing is the account value, sometimes one with 3 posts and pretty much no rewards has same value as one with over 30 posts and some upvoted to like 50 cents at least.
I've seen my account decrease in value after posting a post that gotany upvotes then came back to same value out of no where.

Once I've seen a post with 27 thousand worth of rewards and like 50 tags where one is allowed 5 max. How come?
Also a new account straight earning 50 dollars worth of rewards with one post.

I'd appreciate any help to understand this. And will be happy if others find it useful too. Thank you.

Love Rose


Hi @roselilly

I'm no expert, but here are a few things to answer those questions.
Everyone's vote counts on Steem, but someone who has a lot of steem power (someone who started in the beginning or who invested a lot of money) will have a much more valuable vote than a new Steem user who starts with 5 Steem or whatever the current rule is.

That's why a post could have more than 100 votes, but if they are all by newcomers than that might not ad more than a few cents of rewards.

The votes of what is called "whales" around here can be be worth hundreds of dollars ( I'm not sure what the current stats are) Whales are people who already have collected a lot of steem. With your accounts value the value of your vote also rises.

There are some things that need to be fixed in order to make this more fair, but that's the very basics of it at the moment.

I hope this helps you understand a little better. Do you have any more questions on that?

Thank you for answering I appreciate that a lot. I do understand better, the steem power is infact very important and it is the foundation to a better reputation. I still don't understand how my rewards could go down and how a post can be closed down due to bad rating while having many upvotes. I suppose many of us are still early adopters and need to find their best content to provide in other words what people will find interesting and valuable, the more attention the more votes. Hope steemit goes well for you


Regarding posts that have a lot of votes, but are hidden:

If you see posts, that you think are junk or spam then you can disagree by down-voating/flagging the post. Just like someone with a lot of Steem can add a huge reward to a post with 1 vote, that same power can be used to flag instead. Steemit.com chooses to hide posts that have low ratings as a spam and copyright protection measure. This doesn't necessarily mean that other sites based on Steem will hide it as well and with a bit of time you can technically set up your own Steem interface that for example would not hide flagged posts of certain people you want to whitelist. That's why it's "uncensorable" once a post is on the blockchain it "can't" be completely deleted. And the Steemit.com website is also open source, so you can copy it and make your version do whatever you like.

That's great information. Thank you


You're very welcome! Don't hesitate to ask more.

Thanks :) in fact I am wondering about this: What happens when say you upvote your own posts? Does that count same as other people's vote if so why when you try to remove the upvote it says reset curation for this post what does that mean?

Yes, your vote can count towards your own posts or comments just like they would on anyone else's. The "reset curation rewards" only means that if you remove your vote then you are also removing the rewards that your vote would have given that post.

Oh great. I thought that changed the post state to less valuable. Thanks :)

Hi @camb , I tried upvoting a comment and got this error any ideas what it is?

RPCError: Assert Exception:_db.head_block_time() < comment.cashout_time - STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_HF17: Cannot increase payout within last twelve hours before payout.

The reply was made 7 days ago but I wasn't in any way notified so couldn't up vote sooner.


When a post or comment is very close to the 7th day (such as 6.90 days old) it will tell that it is too late to vote. I know how silly it is... the error should just say, "It's too late to vote on this." haha

That's weird. I do get funny errors on here oh Well. Its a new website it can have errors still