DemolitionRanch fraud account! Beware

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@demolitionranch on steemit is a fake

So when I saw that big name Youtuber Demolition Ranch posted on steemit, initially I was excited. Perhaps this would be yet another youtuber making the change and would strengthen our platform. Turns out it's a total fake.


  1. Terrible grammar and spelling in his posts
  2. His introduction post says that a new friend introduced him to steem, but he told me in the steemit gun discord channel (shameless plug here) that his friend from college invited him.
  3. only reposted a few old videos from his youtube and never made a mention of this new account on yt or twitter
  4. Nail in the coffin:


the known demoranch attesting to the fact that he does not have a steemit.

Unfollow, flag, and spread the news that he is a fake and this shall not be tolerated.

You should totally follow me instead lol



Good heads up I am sue we will start seeing more and more of this happening which is unfortunate

Yeah, I've seen a lot of people just repost whole articles lately, with the Cheetah bot upvoting them automatically when it finds similar content. It's important to stop them before they show others that it might be lucrative.

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So disappointing. Here I was having fat conversations with not Matt. Delegating SP when he ran into bandwidth issues. His whole refusal to accept it makes sense now.
Well. You live and learn.
Kill it with fire.

I remember this. And I was also taken in and resteemed that phony's stuff... I feel dirty....

Yeah. Sigh.
So many bad words come to mind.