Play with the paper,fun and educational.

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Play with the paper,fun and educational.
ilovesmoke (44) in play • 1 hour ago

Today I want to show you in a few easy steps to make a rabbit of paper.

Making animals out of paper is fun, and the results are a real delight for both children and parents.

-First step
Bend a piece of paper of origami in a large triangle, then bend it in half.

Bend the base of the triangle inwards so that it has a width of 2 centimeters
i1bmx5akf3.jpgBend half the triangle inwardly so that it overlaps the blade from the bend. Repeat the same step with the other side of the triangle so you get a diamond-eared ear.

Bend the bottom of the diamond inward, then turn the piece of paper back and bend and top up so it is not visiblek6alhttc0x.jpg8084xodnm3.jpg
All you have to do now is to draw the image of the paper rabbitn4hwz4iq9h (1).jpg


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