My Just Because Post: Chocolate Crunch Peanut Butter and Coconut Drizzle Bites

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find myself, here on a Monday, judging the contest I normally participate in, #fruitsandveggiesmonday. So with no outlet for my weekend treats, I’ve cooked up, I sit wondering ‘what’s a girl to do’ 🤔

I got it, this will be my ::Just Because:: post! Don’t worry, the recipe will be easy, a cinch, no problemo, a piece of cake.


Get a load of another plating success… anyone know what the heck this is…? Yep, you got it:

Chocolate Crunch Bites Drizzled In Peanut Butter Sauce And Dusted With Raw Coconut

Good guess folks!


These standard kitchen condiments will be a good start to your very own chocolate-y, crunch-it-y, peanut butter-y goodness.


I line my loaf dish with parchment paper so the chocolate bars will be easy to remove and cleanup will be a cinch. This is also the part where I remind my husband of his grandmother making candy during Christmas. I think we all might have some nice memories of our grandmothers and wax paper.


I mix all of my ingredients to make the chocolate-y part of the candy. Most of the magic, here, happens in the measuring cup.


This is when I grab my heavy duty whisker, by whisker I mean fork, and start whisking away until I’ve combined a melting pot of goodness.


As you can see things are starting to get a little hectic. I don’t want to burn the chocolate so I quickly pour in the gluten free, no BHT having, no caramel colored, organic, dairyless, coco crisps.


Standing on another side of the stove, I’m able to get a better angle for the tough job of mixing everything together. This is serious business you know?!?


Let’s get one more look at me dominating the toughest job of this recipe… ehhhh?!


And as simple as one, two, three, my mix is ready for pouring in that perfectly set up parchment paper crust. In fact, this recipe was so simple I then quickly decided to line another dish and make a bigger batch.


Pop both of these bad boys in the freezer and set your timer for 6-8 minutes (first rearrange all of those ice packs and frozen veggies so they can sit flat).


While those are freezing I get started on my peanut butter sauce. All I do is add coconut oil, peanut butter (the real peanut butter that needs refrigeration and stirring before using) and whisk it together with my fancy whi… fork. I whisk it with my fork.

I poured my sauce in a sand which bag and snipped off a corner for drizzling. Feel free to use whatever you have accessible.


I sprinkled half of the batch in raw coconut and drizzled all over with the peanut butter sauce. I pooped, I mean popped them right back in the freezer for 15 more minutes.


Voila! Plated for a Steemit picture and there you have it, candy just like your grandma used to make.


After all of the plating fun I then had to figure out how to transport these to the intended recipient without them melting before we got there.… light bulb: take one of those useless ice packs from the freezer and put the crunch bites in a freezer bag, single layer. Now, with a rubber band wrap the ice pack with the bag full of bites and let the ice pack continue freezing the bottoms of the CB (CB is now crunch bites, haha). Carefully place the ice pack, wrapped with the CB in the bottom of a water proof Trader Joe’s shopping bag and taaaadaaaa… you can drive for 45 minutes and still show up with perfect crunch bites.

Thank you everyone for reading this far. My ::Just Because:: post will be posted on Wednesday’s from here on out. I have to get rid of all of my #foodfightfriday training pictures so thanks for putting up

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